“Uncomfortable topic, because I never mention it” – Libero Quotidiano

“Uncomfortable topic, because I never mention it” – Libero Quotidiano
“Uncomfortable topic, because I never mention it” – Libero Quotidiano

At Mediaset many, in the corridors, ask themselves: why Ilary Blasi never talks about Silvia Toffanin in interviews? Yet the two grew up together: from “letters” to word of mouth, with Gerry Scotti, at the beginning of the 2000s, and then as “queens” of the schedules. The first as a host of Big Brother Vip, Hyenas e Island of the famous, the latter as the hostess of very true, a staple of Canale 5 Saturday afternoon.

Interviewed by Done Newspaper Magazine, it was Blasi herself who explained the reason for this press blackout, “We are growing up together, it’s nice but it’s not something I always talk about”. Reason? “Because it seems that one wants to play this typical relationship bonus. She jokingly tells me that I never talk about her in interviews. Not because I don’t want to but it always seems like an argument a little ‘uncomfortable’. If someone alludes to something else, I don’t care, so much for the detractors or I work because I’m Totti’s wife or because I’m a friend of Silvia “.

After all, we have been used to rumors and poisons for some time. Indeed, at times she has managed to turn them in her favor, basing on television moments that have become, in their own small way, “historical”. Like the sensational one brawl live al GfVip with Fabrizio Corona, one who has never had an idyllic relationship with her and her husband Francesco Totti. A fight that, Ilary emphasizes, “was not prepared”. “If I had told someone they would never have made me do it. I had only asked the authors to be able to say things, he claimed that I had vetoed his presence but it was the opposite, I strongly wanted it. C ‘it was a mess behind the scenes, they left calls, they made me sign to close but at that moment I didn’t care, I used public transport for a private purpose. For me that wasn’t reality anymore, it was my life, it was between me and him. It will remain in history, as a spectator I would have enjoyed it (laughs, ed)”.

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Uncomfortable topic mention Libero Quotidiano

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