Hate and propaganda, who they are and who inspires the neo-Nazis of the Ario Romano Order

“People and race, against the Jew and his accomplices”. In the background, the image of an eagle and the symbol of the organization: the initials AR, “Ario Romano” within a stylized “O”, which stands for “order”. And then, other slogans: “Defend the race, devastate the rest”; “If you are of Race, be proudly Racist”; “the nation does not consist in language but only in blood”; “cuckoo, septete: Jews of shit” (accompanied by the image of Jews interned in concentration camps).

The delusional face of the neo-Nazis of the Ariano Romano Order dismantled by the Ros of the carabinieri coordinated by the Rome prosecutor’s office, emerges against the light from the network: open sources, and therefore accessible to anyone, and therefore everyone – net of the “tips” that the leaders of the group provided users, militants and sympathizers – everyone could, if they wanted, get in touch with the racist and pro-Nazi propaganda carried out by AR with the capital and Lazio at its epicenter and “branches” in the North and South. This is the most dangerous aspect and disturbing: the brazenness with which the group showed itself and proselytized. By relying, obviously, on a feeling of impunity.

Hate and propaganda, who they are and who inspires the neo-Nazis of the Ario Romano Order

by Paolo Berizzi

07 June 2021

Who are those of AR? They were inspired by the racist theses of Julius Evola, Ario’s comrades. Yes, because the concept of “Ario-Roman” is contained in “The meaning of Rome for the Germanic Olympic spirit” that the Roman philosopher, poet, writer and occultist wrote in 1942. “For the European tasks, to which Italy and Germany in the future will be called, it is very important to specify the values, through which the civilization of one people can integrate that of the other, without thereby neither having to give up something of their national pride and their great past. (…) So also in Italy the problem of the elements has arisen, by means of which Germany could propitiate its further development. Among its traditions, today’s Italy has essentially chosen the Ario-Roman one, from which he follows a whole series of tasks in terms of life formation and national and cultural selection. Now the ancient Ario-Roman man and the Nordic-Germanic man are but two particular formations of an original common type. On this basis the new German ia and, in general, the best Germanic traditions, present not a few elements capable of confirming, clarifying and sometimes even strengthening the basic values ​​at which today a new Italian type is forming in the Ario-Roman sense and tends to overcome some components not very favorable, also present in the character of certain parts of our people (…) “.

The reworking and use that the neo-Nazis of AR made of Evola’s theories was declined in a more down-to-earth representation. With varying shades and intensities: from anti-Semitic images and cartoons targeting Jews for hooked noses and pronounced Hitler saluting the Nazi. There is a poster with a white slave dragged by a black colonist on horseback: “The future Italic race according to the Jewish-Masonic plan”. Then, the call to arms: “The Arian Roman Order has become the worst nightmare of the Jews of Italy and you Italian can contribute to making this nightmare a reality”, they wrote. How there was enlisted they explain themselves. Starting to follow the organization on VK, the Russian social network where neo-fascists, neo-Nazis and supremacist extremists have long since moved. Or on the WhatsApp group “Judenfreie Liga” (OAR) But the leaders urged caution: WE INVITE ALL THE COMBATS NOT TO TAKE PART IN THE GROUPS ON FACEBOOK UNDESIGNEDLY DENOMINATED “ARIO-ROMAN ORDER”, AS MANAGED BY SUBJECTS FOREIGN OUR ORGANIZATION DELETERIES. THE PRESENT IS TO BE INTENDED AS THE ONLY AND TRUE GROUP OF ARIO ROMAN ORDER.

Perhaps the fear of the ongoing investigations, perhaps the attempt not to lose potential militants in other groups. Because even in the Italian supremacist and anti-Semitic galaxy there are internal hierarchies and competitions. In the beginning it was Stormfront: an American forum born in the early 90s and which in 1995 became the reference website of the head of the Ku Klux Klan Don Black. Stormfront also lands in Italy and in 2012 was hit by a vast investigation by the Digos and the Postal Police: from Aosta to Caltanisetta the neo-Nazi association targeted Jews, homosexuals and foreigners. And he had drawn up a real ban list containing the names of anyone believed to be close to Israel. They had initiated contacts with Forza Nuova, CasaPound and Fiamma Tricolore. The investigation led to a trial that led to 24 convictions for incitement to racial hatred in 2020. Now here we go again: those of Ar can in fact be considered the grandchildren of Stormfront.

A re-edition, certainly on a smaller scale. Among the people reached by a precautionary measure with the obligation to sign the judicial police is Francesca Rizzi, 38, known as Miss Hitler because she participated, winning it, in the competition launched on Vk. Platinum blonde hair, a Nazi eagle tattooed on her back, Rizzi in 2019 already ended up in an investigation into a supremacist and neo-Nazi association (Caltanisetta prosecutor) with 17 other suspects. On his account he insulted Liliana Segre and Laura Boldrini, spoke of crematory ovens and promised to make all Jews disappear. Two years later, here it is again. Another group, same crazy criminal theories. The aquiline noses, the Jews to be eliminated, the race to be preserved. The Roman-Roman and the Nordic-Germanic. But the “new man” – in the plans of AR and other ultra-right supremacist groups – must also take action. The plan, still in the embryonic stage, of a bomb attack against a NATO structure is coupled with the objectives that – according to investigations coordinated by the national anti-mafia and anti-terrorism prosecutor – had targeted the comrades of the Ultima Legion (based in Milan). Equitalia offices and some prefectures. The “legionaries” were discovered three weeks ago by the Digos and postal police. An investigation started in 2019. Their leader praised Giorgia Meloni: “She is very combative”.

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