From Roland Garros: Jannik Sinner and Rafael Nadal speak (with match video)

Jannik Sinner ITA, 2001.08.16

Jannik Sinner : “The road is still long. I haven’t had time to analyze the match with my team yet, but I thought I’d do better this time than last year, to bother him more and instead I couldn’t. He played much better than in the 2020 match. I don’t think it’s just the fact that I served badly. Rafa played the important points well and was able to get me to play in areas of the pitch that I don’t like. The road is still long, I haven’t managed to win a set yet and I haven’t won a set even when I faced Nole. I had the chance to win the first set when I went to serve ahead at 5-4, but he started the game by putting pressure on me with a forehand down the line, then I put a forehand into the net and the game is over. I lost 8 games in a row twice but this was not because I didn’t fight, but because he was much more aggressive than me ”.

Exclusive interview with Jannik Sinner

Rafael Nadal ESP: “I played well the first two games, then I started to insist too much on the backhand and too far from the baseline, so I gave him the chance to stay on the pitch. Then I managed to get the break, with the help of the wind. From that point on, I played great, with some mistakes in the middle of the second set.
Diego does not come from a good season on clay so the quarter-final he reached will have a lot of energy and he will want to do well ”.


Roland Garros Jannik Sinner Rafael Nadal speak match video

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