Donnarumma-PSG, a deal in the making

All in 24 hours. This is the time when the deal is expected to close Donnarumma-PSG.

This, in fact, is the expected epilogue later the farewell of the blue goalkeeper to Milan, except for sensational twists or a possible relaunch of Barcelona in the night.

PSG tightens for Donnarumma

Therefore, all that remains is the final ok and then this operation will be closed: 5-year contract for Donnarumma for a total of 60 million (12 per season), more bonuses (more and less easy to reach).


As regards the medical visits, instead, the player could support them in Coverciano or in Florence with a PSG doctor.

Donnarumma’s future therefore speaks French and will be in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, at Paris’s Al Khelaifi who personally pushed to close this operation.


DonnarummaPSG deal making

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