“Anorexia? For dad I wasn’t sick” – Libero Quotidiano

“Anorexia? For dad I wasn’t sick” – Libero Quotidiano
“Anorexia? For dad I wasn’t sick” – Libero Quotidiano

Cristiana Ciacci, daughter of Little Tony, was a guest of Serena Bortone a Today is another day on Rai 1 he talks about his family and remembers his father and the pain of his mother’s disappearance: “Without my children – he confessed – I would not be here, I had fallen into a very dark abyss. In fact, Dad was an eternal boy with a youthful, likeable tuft. Head in the clouds, dreamer but great professional. Generous, human, sincere, humble. I’ve always been proud to be his daughter, a dad acclaimed all over the world. A great passion was the machines were a great passion, he treated them like pets. In the morning he took them out, maybe he cleaned them, took them for a ride and then in the evening he put them back in the heated garage ”, recalled Ciacci.

Cristiana Ciacci was born when Little Tony and his wife Giuliana Brognoli they were already separated: “I was born when they had already divorced, they were two people too free who together would have been bad. I reproached him for not having had a brother to keep me company. My mother worked as a long haul hostess, I was raised by nannies and grandmothers. For this I have 5 children, they will never find themselves facing problems alone ”, he underlined speaking with the presenter Serena Bortone.

“The death of my mother was an event that threw me into utter despair. She told me that when she retired we would make up for lost time, but two years before it happened they diagnosed her with the disease and gave her little time to recover. life. It’s a hard regret for me, at 17 I felt anger, I wanted her close and I couldn’t. “She then suffered from anorexia, but with the death of her father Little Tony, things changed:” I went through a difficult time, I suffered from anorexia. For dad, real diseases. are the ones that strike your body, the others, the psychological ones, were self-induced for him. Actually I didn’t want to deal with the subject, I went to the psychologist for twelve years. I also had children, I was looking for strength in them but I couldn’t. With the concomitance of my father’s death, I strengthened myself and went to a specialized center and a psychologist and we did it. Otherwise my whole family would have died with me”, He concluded.

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Anorexia dad wasnt sick Libero Quotidiano

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