The FdI offensive: “Communism banned by law”

The FdI offensive: “Communism banned by law”
The FdI offensive: “Communism banned by law”

The political debate comes back to life on the question of communism. The latest move came from Brothers of Italy, who through Edmondo Cirielli and a large group of party colleagues presented a bill to ensure that it comes “banned communism“, in the wake of the resolution approved by the European Parliament on 19 September 2019. Giorgia Meloni’s party believes that it is”The time has come to equate the communist regime with the fascist one“. In fact, a law on fascism is already in force and therefore FdI stressed the need to extend the measures envisaged also for the communist regimes”and the totalitarian Soviet, Cuban, Venezuelan models“.

“So many people died”

The bill – which is inspired by the principles of the Constitution to preserve human rights – aims to introduce a series of provisions to combat groups, organizations, movements, associations and parties “which pursue undemocratic purposes typical of communist totalitarian ideologies or of religious origin Islamic extremist“. An act deemed necessary by the Brothers of Italy, according to which in our country an excessively good-natured policy has allowed us to tolerate actions, gestures, slogans and symbols that draw their inspiration from the communist dictatorial regime that in the past ruled in the Soviet Union , in Eastern Europe, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, North Korea, Cuba “and which, today, is present in Venezuela and in numerous African countries, claiming millions of victims“.

The finger is also pointed at those increasingly uncontrolled migration policies “which feed the danger of settlements in our territory of people and associations inspired by ideology extremist Islamic“. This could have serious consequences for the security of Italy and other countries,”as many news events tragically demonstrate“. Also because our nation in recent years has been the victim of all the consequences”of actions carried out by mischievous individuals or groups of individuals inspired by totalitarian ideologies“.

The crazy idea of ​​the center left

In the last few hours, the bill presented to the Chamber by the Democratic Party, Movimento 5 Stelle, Italia Viva and Liberi e equuali, which asked to perform Bella ciao – after the anthem of Mameli – on the occasion of all official ceremonies for the celebrations of the Liberation Day. A move that Edmondo Cirielli, exponent of the Brothers of Italy, considers completely anti-historical: “It is a song by Togliatti who was in the service of the Soviet Union, which killed many people“.


FdI offensive Communism banned law

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