36,114 people vaccinated today in Piedmont against Covid. From Tuesday 8 June reservations for over 30s

36,114 people vaccinated today in Piedmont against Covid. From Tuesday 8 June reservations for over 30s
36,114 people vaccinated today in Piedmont against Covid. From Tuesday 8 June reservations for over 30s

36,114 people have received the Covid vaccine reported today to the Crisis Unit of the Piedmont Region (data at 18:30). 4,385 were given the second dose.

Among the vaccinated today, in particular, 2,745 are in their thirties, 7,044 are forties, 14,410 are in their fifties, 3,550 are in their sixties, 792 are in their seventies, 939 are extremely vulnerable and 265 are over 80.

Since the beginning of the campaign, 2,763,651 doses have been inoculated (of which 916,073 as second), corresponding to 90% of 3,072,240 so far available for Piedmont, including the 30,000 new doses of Moderna arrived in the territory and in route of distribution.


Today on the booking day for the Valentino hub reserved for over 60s from all over Piedmont, 395 requests for vaccinations for the weekend 11-13 June were (given at 6 pm). From tomorrow at 9 am, reservations will be possible on the portal www.ilPiemontetivaccina.it also for the over 30s until the 7,500 seats available for this week are exhausted.


The weekend of 18 June will instead be totally dedicated to young people. At the Valentino last minute hub, the open days of Friday 18, Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 will be entirely dedicated to the 18-29 age group (reservations will open on the portal www.IlPiemontetivaccina.it on Monday 14 June at 9 am).

Also on the same weekend, Saturday 19 June, at the Reale Mutua hub in Turin, the second Open night will take place (from 9.30 pm to 3.30 am), in this case, for the 18-28 age group, numbers that recall the date of foundation of society. The initiative is carried out in collaboration with Reale Group, Asl Città di Torino, CDC and Regione Piemonte. Reservations will start on Tuesday 15 June at 9 am again on the portal www.ilPiemontetivaccina.it

Both initiatives are open to citizens from all over Piedmont who do not yet have an appointment or who have a call after at least 10 days from the Open day.


Today, during the weekly meeting at the Crisis Unit, the issue of over 60s who have not yet joined was addressed. Of the 1,470,000 over 60s in Piedmont, 228,000 have not yet expressed the will to be vaccinated:

– 124,000 between the ages of 60-69 (out of a total population of 578,000 throughout Piedmont);

– 67,000 between the ages of 70-79 (out of a total population of 485,000 throughout Piedmont);
– 37,000 over 80 (out of a total population of 407,000 throughout Piedmont);

In order to be able to give maximum coverage to this segment of the population which is the most fragile, some actions have been decided.

Those for whom the health system has a mobile number will directly receive a call proposal via text message for the vaccination appointment scheduled by their ASL.

In the coming days, a meeting will be organized with family doctors, who will be asked for support so that they can directly register their patients who have not yet joined the platform so that the system can send them a proposal to call for the vaccine.
Each mayor will be required to intervene with general awareness activities on the population to entice those of the citizens of their municipality who have not yet joined the vaccination campaign.

All actions will be carried out in full respect of the privacy and freedom of choice of every citizen.

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