advances June 8, 2021, episode plot

advances June 8, 2021, episode plot
advances June 8, 2021, episode plot

Advances episode of the Turkish soap Love is in the Air of Tuesday 8 June 2021: The engagement party between Eda and Serkan does not flow in the right direction: the girl is in fact humiliated by Aydan and other guests due to her low social class.

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Serkan sees an important business deal slip from under his nose because of Kaan.

Discussions and banter between Ayfer and Aydan, who finally try to come together and accept the issue of the engagement between the two boys (who, among other things, really begin to fall in love and struggle to accept it).

Selin notices the feeling between Eda and Serkan.

Engin befriends Ceren and, during the course of the party, Figen and Melek defend their friend Eda from numerous offenses.

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