Twitter officially banned in one country: the announcement has arrived!

Twitter officially banned in one country: the announcement has arrived!
Twitter officially banned in one country: the announcement has arrived!

One country has decided to officially ban Twitter. The curious aspect is that the announcement arrived on the platform itself

Twitter officially banned in an African country (Photo: Getty)

A decision taken within a few hours and which has already become official: Twitter was banned in Nigeria. A news that is unbelievable, considering the implications that have been in the days prior to the press release. Last Wednesday, the president Muhammadu Buhari was blocked for 12 hours and one particular post was removed.

According to what emerged, it seems that with a tweet the leader of the African country has violated the policies of the social network. Put simply, it was an announcement of reprisals by the government against the secessionists. Twitter’s move prompted the government to proceed as drastically as possible: with the total blockade for citizens.

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Twitter banned in Nigeria: the people’s reaction

It goes without saying that the decision made by the Nigeria is causing a lot of discussion. Following the last 12-hour block given to the president Muhammadu Buhari, the national government has decided to suspend Twitter for all citizens. “The Federal Government has indefinitely suspended all operations of the Twitter microblogging and social network service in Nigeria“Wrote the press office of the president, paradoxically precisely on the platform in question.

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The Nigerian people obviously not welcomed with pleasure the decision by his government. The tweet went viral immediately “Thank God for the VPNs“, Which precisely indicates how they exist alternative services to circumvent the ban and continue to use the social platform.


Twitter officially banned country announcement arrived

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