Spam 2021, the architecture festival returns to Rome

Spam 2021, the architecture festival returns to Rome
Spam 2021, the architecture festival returns to Rome

Spam is back, the Architecture Festival of the Capital, sponsored by Roma Capitale, now in its third edition. From 23 to 29 July, organized by the Order of Architects of Rome and its province, this year the initiative takes the title of “Restart! – actions to restart and will focus on measures and opportunities to restart 18 months after the start of the pandemic ”. The municipality of Rome communicates it.

“During the week of Spam, every day from 16:00 to 22:00, it will be possible to attend two round tables, a focus on Rome – ‘Restart Roma’ – and an institutional focus.

Two lectures a day, one of which in the evening, guests linked to the public administration. Among the international firms that have confirmed their presence is Jette Hopp, director of the Norwegian studio Snøhetta, working on sustainability issues and working in Italy on some projects, in particular one in the city of Verona. Among others the French of the Bruther studio, the Portuguese Carrilho De Graça, the Spanish Flores I Prats Architects, the Danish architect Jan Gehl with a long experience in urban design attentive to the quality of life and especially to pedestrians and cyclists – explains the note – and the French Cle’ment Blanchet in the team that recently won the project for the new headquarters of the Sicilian Region. Martjin Pool and Javier Arpa Fernandez of The Why Factory, the laboratory born from the experience of the Mvrdv studio with the Delft University of Technology, but also the Portuguese Manuel Aires Mateus return from Holland. Among the Italians Stefano Pujatti and Giulia De Appolonia. Maintaining a necessary hybrid form, between the physical and the digital, from China they will connect to represent the studio 100Architects and from Lebanon Adib Dada from theOtherDada studio ”.

“Rethinking the city, its spaces, especially in this period, is fundamental because the challenges of the future are being played out today. This appointment will allow us to share different projects for a broad discussion that brings plural views on the capital, favoring a discussion on fundamental issues to ensure the environmental and social sustainability of the development in progress “, declares the city planning councilor of Rome Capital. Luca Montuori. “Society has changed and the pandemic emergency has inevitably changed our habits: after a difficult year we find ourselves with the need to start over with new criteria that will have to be the basis for our future. A new awareness. New ways of living, residing, working. Architects must empower change, identify problems and provide solutions, so that the future is possible. The public administration and the activities of private individuals must have a single objective: to facilitate change. We must push and make an active contribution to solve the problems that today significantly slow down the development of our work ”, says Oar President Christian Rocchi.

“We are faced with the need and the great opportunity to correct and rewrite the built landscape and the urban environment. The architect is a central and indispensable driver of this restart. Always, after great disasters, construction becomes a lever for the economy. Initiatives can be born around the indispensable changes, the company can grow, positive processes can be reactivated under the sign of a new sustainability. Urban regeneration will mark the recovery. We will talk about this at our festival ”, underlines the Festival Director and Oar Councilor Roberto Grio. “The Festival will unfold in the garden of the Aquarium and also the setting up of the spaces will be an educational experience, with a new internal landscape that will also extend beyond the borders by pedestrianizing some streets adjacent to the Casa dell’Architettura: it is here, in fact, a laboratory will be activated which will involve the Esquiline district through its associations – the note continues -. Among the various topics, an in-depth study on the infrastructural heritage of the Military State Property: three workshops, for which calls were made to apply to participate, to imagine new life for three areas of military property in the process of being decommissioned; tutor of the workshop Ute Schneider, partner architect of the Kcap group, Kristina Knauf of the Mvrdv group and the dean of the Faculty of Architecture La Sapienza Orazio Carpenzano. Places covered by the workshops, as many barracks: from Merano, where there is a large military settlement, to Cagliari, in particular on three of its barracks; up to, of course, in Rome, with a workshop on the Museum of Genius ”.

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