“An unknown citizen” – Libero Quotidiano

“An unknown citizen” – Libero Quotidiano
“An unknown citizen” – Libero Quotidiano

And divorce was: Davide Casaleggio leaves the 5 Star Movement. “I am very relieved today. I no longer have to assume or feel the responsibility for the decisions of others “, Gianroberto’s son said in a river interview, admitting that” we reached an agreement because it was necessary to separate the roads. ” completely changed from the one created by his father together with Beppe Grillo: “In the last 16 months – he vented in the columns of the newspaper The print – decided to violate so many rules and principles of internal democracy and respect for the decisions of the members to make it impossible for us to continue a shared path. We have come to see no reason to be together again. Money like delivery of subscribers was never the cause of the problem, but an effect. The problem was that the Movement did not intend to honor the commitments made by paying the workers who had been waiting for their due for months “.

Going into the details, Casaleggio removed a few pebbles from his shoe, recalling that “the model of the 5-star Movement made it possible to obtain 33 percent of the country’s trust and gave the opportunity to thousands of unknown citizens, Giuseppe Conte, to play prestigious roles and unthinkable power. Probably what is no longer good today is that you want to give this possibility to well-defined people. “In short, Casaleggio’s message is clear: Conte, the alleged people’s advocate, was prime minister and he is what he is now only thanks to And, in fact, it is not so easy to deny this thesis.

A real indictment that of the president of the Rousseau platform, who today finds himself at very short irons with the grillini to whom he will have to give – as established – the data on the members. Also in this case – he admits – “the breakup was a slow crescendo. The motivation is always the fear of people. In order to get everything one wants, one must be willing to lose everything one has. But when fear dominates, the goal becomes only to preserve what one has “. An extreme situation on which Gianroberto Casaleggio himself” probably would have been less patient than me and he would have left much sooner “

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unknown citizen Libero Quotidiano

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