Redmi Note 10 5G review: the risk of going unnoticed

The advent of the 5G in home Xiaomi/Redmi helped throw even more petrol on a fire that is enough in itself uncontrolled.

The reference obviously goes to speed ed al number of new models introduced on the market by the Chinese company, elements now even more influenced by the possibilities dictated by next generation connection.

Here so then appear more and more variants of the same smartphones, as on the occasion of the review today which sees the protagonist Redmi Note 10 5G.

It is an interesting model or an easily forgotten product in an increasingly tech smartphone market chaotic?

In this review we will try to profile this Redmi, to try to make you understand his strengths and yours weaknesses, in order to make you understand whether or not it can be a suitable device for yours needs.

Aesthetically, it can have its say

The fact that now the family Redmi Note 10 has been on the market for several weeks, and that the same “base”Has been used on many variants, all a little different but in the end all of them similar aesthetically, should not make the user overshadow the pleasantness of the design chosen by Xiaomi for this Redmi Note 10 5G.

Redmi - Note 10 5G

Both to front, with a display with a central upper hole for the selfie cam (with a diameter not the smallest) and with frames that are not so pronounced except for the lower chin (however not the worst ever seen in this price range), much to rear with this photographic module that refers to the higher-end products presented by the brand, the attempt is to make one come out premium feeling to the touch as much as to use.

Redmi - Note 10 5G

Side construction therefore, although we are faced with a product made entirely of polycarbonate, the positive elements certainly not lacking. From the presence of jack audio da 3,5mm for headphones, passing through the fingerprint sensor in the side on-off button (the positioning that I now think is more natural and comfortable), passing through a weight general that absolutely does not cause balance problems during use.

Redmi - Note 10 5G

Cute the detail of the photographic module which, as mentioned above, tries to resume the lines of the more expensive models and brothers made by the company, with this chrome plating in contrast that I personally like very much and I find gifts very much character to the smartphone.

A little less pleasant is the fact that all the photographic sector is inserted in aisola protruding enough to make “shake”The device when placed on flat surfaces, although it is still not the worst smartphone for this type of use.

It’s hard to ask for more from this display

Despite the display of this Redmi Note 10 5G is a “classic” LCD IPS instead of an OLED, the panel of this Redmi Note 10 5G (which we remember being in resolution Full HD+) is absolutely in line with expectations,

Redmi - Note 10 5G

Calibratable colors on different presets according to your needs and possibilities increase the refresh rate up to 90Hz peaks are just some of the positive notes of this display. Little sensitivity on the edges, a problem that finds practical application in the lack of reactivity of the navigation gestures, and a contrast obviously not from OLED are instead the main negative notes of this smartphone.

redmi note 10 5g

However, the fact that the frames around the device are not so thick and that the company has tried to optimize this aspect anyway makes it even more enjoyable user interaction. Net of “difficulty“Linked to gestures (I recommend activating the good old nav-bar with back-home-multitasking keys) I can only promote this display fully.

The usual champion of autonomy

We begin to delve into the story more technical of this smartphone, with arguments that find their basis in the data sheet of this Redmi Note 10 5G. The coupled processor Mediatek Dimensity 700 e battery large capacity (there are even 5000 mAh on board with support for fast charging at 18W) obviously offers a result interesting as expected.

Redmi - Note 10 5G

The processor, if on the one hand it allows us to enjoy network support 5G of the new generation, on the other hand demonstrates its modest reactivity by going to favor the battery life more than the desire to guarantee snappy and first-class performance.

All this translates into loading times of maybe a few extra fractions of a second, as well as some general uncertainty in the compulsive passage between the various installed applications, but with a lot attention to consumption.

Redmi Note 10 5G is definitely a smartphone that you will not download in a day, with over 7 ore of displays possible within the same day, without any kind of worry or anxiety about use.

redmi note 10 5g

Talking about autonomy and of general performance the theme obviously comes into play MIUI, con i energy savings always a hot topic of the devices made by the company.

Usual mention therefore to the permissions to give to applications in order to keep them running correctly in background, considering here as never before the desire to preserve autonomy at all costs.

redmi note 10 5g

MIUI 12, cross and delight

We started to touch on the topic software customization for the talk related to autonomy, and now we continue to talk about MIUI 12 for the dedicated area in this review of Redmi Note 10 5G.

Redmi - Note 10 5G

Love it or hate it, now there MIUI has become, also thanks to the great popularity of Xiaomi smartphones, one of the most known and appreciated customizations in the Android field. Unfortunately, this time too, however, I have to point out a few little problem around.

Be clear, non I have encountered serious and impacting problems such as to make the smartphone unusable (for example on this terminal there are absolutely no problems with the proximity sensor as in many other models of the company), but the presence of many bug e graphic glitches scattered around the UI make the user experience unpleasant.

In fact, I find the theme performance affected even earlier than by the processor (with Mediatek which, on the contrary, is making giant steps forward in the last period), by software customization MIUI, increasingly heavy e at times not very optimized.

The main example is the problem for the gesture reported above, as well as the total inconsistency of the notification panel that it sometimes presents transparencies such as not to show any element of the UI.

redmi note 10 5g

If until a few years ago the theme “corrective updates “ made it easier to overlook these flaws of youth, now the new Xiaomi policy made up of many devices and less support scares in my opinion rightly users.

Too bad because the same users who perhaps enter the Xiaomi world for the first time with these medium-low range models, risk not being tempted to spend more in the future for more valuable models precisely because of optimization issues at the basis of software customization that recur cyclically on many of the brand’s products, regardless of the hardware platform and price.

A big “but” for the camera

The photographic sector could be considered almost perfect for the price range, if not for a large “ma”Which risks influencing the overall judgment.

Redmi - Note 10 5G

My doubts are in fact due toabsence of a wide-angle lens, which in recent years has become not just one standard technological, but a request from more and more users who appreciate the possibility useful and fun.

redmi note 10 5g

Too bad because the general surrender of the main lens from 48MP, both during the day and at night, it is absolutely in line with the price range, guaranteeing shots that are still rich in color and well contrasted that I liked a lot.

The others two lenses, depth sensor and macro lens, are the classic sensors mostly useful for marketing, even if some shots with bokeh effect made by this terminal could be easily mistaken as made by more expensive smartphones.

redmi note 10 5g

Well the too front camera which, as mentioned in the course of this review, is set in the central hole of the front panel, and is able to guarantee good performance for both selfie how much for the video calls.

What a mess

This is what remains from the proof of this Redmi Note 10 5G, which, as you may have understood, net of some software criticalities i liked it very much.

Not so much for the poor terminal itself, however, more for the presence in the same price segment of too many products all ultimately similar and including thegeneralist user he is absolutely unable to extricate himself.

This is perhaps the largest problematic, with prices too close between the products, especially once the devaluation, increasingly precocious and increasingly aggressive even at Xiaomi / Redmi.

Redmi - Note 10 5G

However, if you manage not to lose your calm and reason during the purchase phase by opting for him, this Redmi note 10 5G it will be a smartphone that will be appreciated for its own design, for his mega autonomy and for his hardware completeness in correlation to the price.

Pending corrective releases of the MIUI he can still be from now on a valid companion in adventures, certainly to be optimized, but which starts from a better starting point than some of his brothers!

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