They instigated violence against Jews and non-EU citizens, 12 suspects

They instigated violence against Jews and non-EU citizens, 12 suspects
They instigated violence against Jews and non-EU citizens, 12 suspects

Dismantled anti-Semitic inspired group called ‘Ario Romano Order’. Made up of militants aged between 26 and 62, it was “permanently dedicated to the publication on social networks of writings, videos and images with racist and discriminatory content, of National Socialist, anti-Semitic and negationist inspiration, as well as pertaining to conspiracy theories against the Jewish people “. It is the result of an investigation conducted by the Ros with the support in the executive phase of the Provincial Carabinieri Commands of Cagliari, Cosenza, Frosinone, Latina, L’Aquila, Milan, Rome and Sassari, which led to the execution of an ordinance a personal precautionary measure of the obligation of presentation to the judicial police, against 12 suspects for crimes of association aimed at propaganda and incitement for reasons of ethnic and religious discrimination.

Numerous searches were carried out throughout the national territory.

The investigations, launched in November 2019, are part of a broader strategy to combat extremist phenomena with a supremacist vocation that the Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office is carrying out in the judicial district using the Ros – Anticrime Department of the Capital.

The investigations revealed instigating conducts to commit violent actions against people of Jewish and non-EU origin. In particular, two Facebook pages and a VK community were identified that can be traced back to the acronym ‘Ario Romano Order’, as well as a WhatsApp group called ‘Judenfreie Liga (OAR)’. Numerous posts and offensive multimedia contents were detected by Ros, thanks to the research work carried out by the Telematic Investigation Department, a unit specialized in telematic and web investigations, which has reconstructed the relational network and social habits of the group.

The group planned an attack on a NATO facility. The investigations revealed a planning activity, still in an embryonic state, of a specific action against a NATO structure by means of homemade explosive devices packaged through instructions found on the web and with the collaboration of some militants belonging to similar associations. foreigners, active in Portugal.


instigated violence Jews nonEU citizens suspects

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