WhatsApp, a whole new feature called Flash Call is coming: that’s what it will be for

WhatsApp, a whole new feature called Flash Call is coming: that’s what it will be for
WhatsApp, a whole new feature called Flash Call is coming: that’s what it will be for

WhatsApp is developing a new feature through which the first log-in can be done faster than today. The first references of the function, called Flash Call, have been spotted on WhatsApp for Android. and there seems to be no way to receive it even on the iPhone. The novelty should be introduced with a future update.

Flash Calls, what’s the news coming to WhatsApp

With Flash Call WhatsApp wants to offer its users the ability to log in easier and faster than today. Sighted as usual by the attentive WABetaInfo, the feature consists of an automatic authentication method: at the first start WhatsApp will allow the user to receive a call to the phone number linked to the SIM of the smartphone in use. After the communication is established, the service will automatically terminate the call to authenticate the user.

How is the phone number verified? Through function WhatsApp gets access to the call history, and then using this possibility can check if the last telephone number in the history is identical to the number that sent the 6-digit code. It is always a different number, so there is no possibility of exploiting the feature to attempt illegitimate authentication. The company is designing a feature introduction screen to explain why it needs permission to access call history and send and manage calls.

As mentioned, the feature is expected to debut in one of the next updates just your android, as iOS doesn’t offer public APIs that allow apps to read call history. The function will be optional, so it will be the user who will decide whether to take advantage of this simplified method of authentication via automatic call, or whether to use the traditional confirmation system through the six-digit code received via SMS. WhatsApp intends to clarify that will not use the collected data for other purposes, but only for user verification.

More news coming to WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a constantly evolving and constantly updated app: among the upcoming news we will have multi-device support, while the possibility of controlling the playback speed of voice messages has recently been introduced. Furthermore, at the end of January, the company announced a change of plans for those who will not accept the new privacy rules. We talked about it here.

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