Google fines 220 million euros in France for abuse of dominant position in online advertising

New flip of the Antitrust authorities against Google. This sprint to move is the French authority that has mulatto the giant of the web for 220 million euros per abuse of dominant position. However, the Antitrust has accepted the company’s commitments to resolve the problems that led to the sanction. The issue concerns the publication of online advertisements by third parties. Google has not contested the facts raised and has proposed a number of compromises that will change the way they work its Dfp advertising service, which allows site and app publishers to sell their advertising space, and its AdX sales platform, which organizes the auction process.

“The decision to sanction Google has a very special meaning because it is the first decision in the world to investigate complex algorithmic processes,” he said. Isabelle de Silva, president of the French Competition Authority. -In this sense, De Silva highlighted that the investigation has revealed the processes with which Google, taking advantage of its considerable dominance in ad servers for sites and applications, he created practices that have penalized competition in the emerging market of online advertising and have allowed the multinational not only to maintain but also to increase its dominance.
“This sanction and these commitments will restore a fair playing field for all actors and publishers’ ability to make the most of their advertising space,” he added. The investigation by the French authority followed the complaints raised in 2019 by the News Corp group, as well as from the publisher of the newspaper Le Figaro and by the Belgian group Rossel La Voix. The commitments of the company will be binding, only in France, for three years.

Google declined to comment on the ruling for now. He previously claimed that his ad technology tools work with competing products, but added that he also regularly updates his systems based on external feedback “to better serve users and the wider ecosystem.” The importance of the penalty is certainly not economic, Google has revenues for more than that 180 billion dollars (150 billion euros) per year. However, it could represent a previous one on which to model other similar disputes outside France.

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