the blues fly away in the third set! – OA Sport

the blues fly away in the third set! – OA Sport
the blues fly away in the third set! – OA Sport


22-10 DIgonal in the wonderful three meters of Orthmann.

22-9 Error from nine meters for Vanjak.

21-9 Orthmann breaks through on the hands of Mingardi, a miracle in defense almost fails to De Bortoli.

21-8 Ace with the help of the tape for Mazzaro, everything is going well now.

20-8 Murone di Mazzaro on Vanjak.

19-8 Weitzel’s first half sliced.

19-7 Another disaster of Orthmann and Imoudu, who do not understand each other.

18-7 Poll’s attack comes out, situation under control for Italy.

17-7 War pushed lob, very clever play.

16-7 Imoudu insists with the pipes, this time the point is from Orthmann.

16-6 Escape also Vanjak’s attack, let’s fly at +10!

15-6 Poll tries an impossible shot, the ball goes out.

14-6 Error from the nine meters of Imoudu.

13-6 Another Vanjak pipe.

13-5 The Scholzel service is online.

12-5 Vanjak’s winning pipe.

12-4 Bosio serves a wonderful seven in Bonifacio, Sara is not wrong.

11-4 Mingardi’s service comes out of a hair.

11-3 Very rapid rise of Bosio, Mingardi crashes on five meters, what a beautiful action!

10-3 Pushed lob by Orthmann, who tries to keep his own.

10-2 Ace from Mazzaro, huge advantage!

9-2 Beautiful parallel by D’Odirico, a very consistent match for Sofia.

8-2 Orthmann passes in the middle of the wall, he does not keep Guerra in defense.

8-1 Error in Vanjak’s attack. Let’s go to the first technical time-out ahead of 7!

7-1 Ace di Guerra, what a beautiful Italy! Stop the game Koslowski again.

6-1 Excellent retaining wall by Mazzaro, then Mingardi thinks about it once again. Discretionary time-out for Germany.

5-1 Mingardi’s crazy broadside from place four.

4-1 Vanjak unlocks the situation with a long diagonal.

4-0 Another winning service on Vanjak, who took the place of Stigrot.

3-0 Ace di Bosio, let’s fly away!

2-0 War hands-out, break at the opening for the blues.

1-0 It starts with a wall by Mazzaro on Alsmeier.

25-19 D’Odorico’s hands-out, let’s fly 2-0!

24-19 D’Odorico’s net invasion.

24-18 Disaster of Kastner and Orthmann, who did not understand each other. There are six set points for the blue!

23-18 The parallel Orthmann is wrong, but what a miraculous defense of Fersino.

22-18 The Weitzel service is online.

21-18 Broadside by Orthmann, who looks good on the pitch.

21-17 AND LET’S GO !! Sofia D’Odorico puts an end to an infinite exchange, exceptional blue in coverage and defense!

20-17 Alsmeier’s joke does not pass.

19-17 He escapes the war joke, Orthmann enters.

19-16 Nice hands-out of Guerra from place two, Anastasia is released in attack.

18-16 Alsmeier’s crazy narrow diagonal.

18-15 Beautiful defense of Fersino, Mingardi plays again on the wall and sends us on +3!

17-15 Mingardi finds Alsmeier’s hands, we stay ahead.

16-15 Wall of Alsmeier on Mazzaro, a shame because the point already seemed ours.

16-14 Alsmaier lob, the ball runs on the belt and falls into our field.

16-13 Murone di Guerra on Scholzel, we go to the second technical time-out ahead of 3.

15-13 Another first encyclopedic period of Bonifacio.

14-13 Error from nine meters for D’Odorico.

14-12 Deep diagonal by D’Odorico, but Fersino well in reception.

13-12 Narrow diagonal of Drewniok from place two, nothing to say.

13-11 Ace from Mingardi, for the first time in the set we go to +2!

12-11 Bonifacio’s wonderful first half, excellent ball speed.

11-11 Strigrot is immediately forgiven, who passes parallel.

11-10 Strigrot tightens the shot too much, ball out and we return to the advantage.

10-10 Alsmeier’s service escapes.

9-10 Weitzel’s first deep half.

9-9 Mingardi puts down a far from simple ball from place four.

8-9 A really nice Alsmeier diagonal.

8-8 Beautiful first half of Mazzaro.

7-8 Weitzel Wall on War, Anastasia is struggling a bit tonight.

7-7 Alsmeier hands-out from place four.

7-6 It starts with a point from Mingardi, who puts it down on the third attempt.

6-6 Fortunately, the free German gets up, who has hit a bad blow in the neck, of course he cannot continue playing.

6-6 The problem would seem more serious than expected, German athletes quite tried.

6-6 Pogany took a bad blow in defense, the free German remains on the ground, medical staff on the field.

6-6 D’Odorico’s line comes out very little, too bad.

6-5 This time the German opposite does not find the hands of the wall.

5-5 Escape Drewniok’s service.

4-5 Pipe by Alsmerier, he does not get there in defense of Guerra.

4-4 Lob in zone six for Mingardi, very clever play.

3-4 Mazzaro’s line stops on the tape.

3-3 You can see a nice diagonal of Mingardi again.

2-3 Drewniok plays on D’Odorico’s high hands.

2-2 Alsmerie’s attack on the net, we immediately return to a draw.

1-2 Excellent first half of Mazzaro, there was little play in the center in the first set.

0-2 Slow in defense D’Ododorico, break in the opening for the Germans.

0-1 It starts with a wall by Drewniok on Mingardi.

25-21 Exceptional defense of Fersino, then D’Odorico gives us the first set, great blue!

24-21 Mingardi wall on Alsmeier, there are three set points!

23-21 Mingardi breaks through the wall, let’s go !!!

22-21 Powerful Alsmerier diagonal. Enter Mazzaro.

22-20 Murone by Melli on Drewniok, very important break!

21-20 Clever lob from Melli, let’s get back in the lead!

20-20 Bosio’s second intention dribble, exceptional play. Meanwhile Lubian and Melli entered.

19-20 Weitzel Wall, we are struggling to receive.

19-19 Wall of Alsmeier on Mingardi, it is a pity to have wasted a very conspicuous advantage in this way.

19-18 Mani-out by Drewniok, we have to change the ball.

19-17 Bosio’s slow ball, this time Guerra takes a wall. First discretionary time-out for Italy.

19-16 Alsmerier takes advantage of the Bosio wall and passes parallel.

19-15 Ace from Bonifacio, very important break.

18-15 Frightened by war, he is pulling down a diagonal that is more beautiful than the other.

17-15 Scholzel’s hands-out fast.

17-14 Mingardi continues to put down the balls, Camilla is in full confidence.

16-14 Alsmerier’s winning pipe, you absolutely must not decrease in intensity.

16-13 Strigrot passes in the middle of the wall, a hair late Bonifacio.

16-12 Fersino takes everything in defense, then D’Odorico thinks about it with a very intelligent ball.

15-12 Drewniok’s indefensible parallel, the opposite is holding his team up.

15-11 Mingardi’s impressive shoulder, but what a beautiful ball speed. Second discretionary time-out for Germany.

14-11 Italy wins a very long exchange, Bosio very good at serving a seven to Mazzaro after thirty seconds of play.

13-11 Nothing to do in defense for Bosio, Drewniok takes advantage of Mazzaro’s delay on the wall.

13-10 Aerial invasion of Drewniok, first discretionary time-out for Germany.

12-10 Mingardi breaks through the German three-way wall, we go back a break.

11-10 War scored even from place two, Anastasia is doing a really good tournament.

10-10 The referee calls an air invasion in Bosio, called very fiscal.

10-9 Second intention lob for the German director.

10-8 Guerra, who plays on Kastner’s low wall, is immediately forgiven.

9-8 Invasion in attack of War, the Germans make up for it.

9-7 Diagonal over four meters for Alsmeier.

9-6 Well Bosio, who serves a seven pushed to Bonifacio, Sara is not wrong!

8-6 D’Odorico’s joke comes out, but it was very interesting.

8-5 Mingardi scores in parallel, we go to the first technical time-out ahead of three.

7-5 A good defense by Fersino is not enough, Drewniok takes advantage of the hands of D’Odorico’s wall.

7-4 Fortunately, the series in the service of the German central ends immediately.

6-4 Ace from Weitzel herself on Guerra, it is important to change the ball immediately.

6-3 Nice first half by Weitzel.

6-2 Mingardi hands-out from place two, our advantage is the result of a good serve and a careful defense.

5-2 Ace from Mazzaro on Pogany, that’s fine!

4-2 Diagonal in the fabulous two meters of D’Odorico, all shoulder action for the young blue.

3-2 Long exchange won by Germany thanks to a lob from Alsmerie, too bad because we have had several chances for the +3.

3-1 She hits Alsmeier directly on the net, second mistake of the match for her.

2-1 Palletta by Drewniok, D’Odorico doesn’t get there in defense.

2-0 Very well Mingardi, who passes over the wall with a placed shot, excellent start.

1-0 It starts immediately with an error in attack by Alsmeier, but what a beautiful defense of Fersino previously.

18:59 Italy responds with: Bosio, Mingardi, Guerra, D’Odorico, Bonifacio, Mazzaro and Fersino.

18:56 This is the sextet of Germany: Drewniok, Alsmeier, Kastner, Weitzxel, Scholzel, Strigrot and Pogany.

18:53 The two teams are completing the warm-up phase, in a few moments we’re off!

18:50 There is curiosity to find out what the choices of coach Bregoli will be, who is changing the starting sextet a lot, especially in the

18.47 The Germans are just ahead of us with 6 points, but they come from a bad defeat against the United States (3-0).

18:44 Coach Bregoli’s girls currently occupy the fourteenth position in the standings with 5 points on the scoresheet.

18:41 The blues have unlocked thanks to yesterday’s good victory against Korea (3-1) and are gaining confidence game after game.

18:38 Good evening and welcome to LIVE LIVE of Italy-Germany, a match valid for the eighth day of the women’s VNL 2021.

Hello and welcome to LIVE LIVE from Italy-Germany, a match valid for the eighth day of the women’s VNL 2021, which will be staged in Rimini until 25 June. Italy, which, we remind you, comes to this appointment with a very young team eager to gain experience, is hunting for an encore after having obtained the first victory of its tournament yesterday.

Yesterday the blues overcame the Korea of ​​coach Lavarini 3-1, Bosio and teammates convinced and thanks to this success they climbed a position in the standings, at the moment they are in fourteenth position with 5 points on the scoresheet. The opponent tonight will be Germany, which is doing a tournament a little below expectations, the Germans are in fact immediately ahead of Italy with only one more point and come from a bad defeat against the United States , the two victories came at the start of the tournament against the Netherlands and Belgium. It will not be an easy match, but the blues can easily play equal, that of coach Bregoli is a team with a lot of character, which grows game after game, tonight we could see them good!

OA Sport offers you the LIVE LIVE of Italy-Germany, a match valid for the eighth day of the women’s VNL 2021, news in real time, minute by minute, point by point, so as not to really miss anything, the match will start at hours 19:00, but we will keep you company starting from 18:30!

Photo: FIVB

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