“Kim bans jeans, dresses and foreign films”: what happens in North Korea

“Kim bans jeans, dresses and foreign films”: what happens in North Korea
“Kim bans jeans, dresses and foreign films”: what happens in North Korea

A new law to eliminate all kinds of foreign influence within the country. There North Korea has enacted radical provisions to safeguard internal socio-political harmony and reject what the local authorities define “reactionary thinking“.

The new North Korean law

According to reports from the Bbc, Kim Jong Un he would wage war without quarter on all “dangerous poisons” coming from outside. They would have ended up in Kim’s sights using jeans or particular types of dresses, the vision of foreign films and non-national ways of speaking. Extremely harsh penalties would be introduced to ensure that citizens respect the law. The punishments, according to leaked rumors, range from imprisonment to 15 years within the work camps at the penalty of death.

It seems that anyone caught in possession of large quantities of multimedia material originating in South Korea, Japan or the United States risks, at least, ten years of forced works. The same Bbc he mentioned a missive that Great Leader Kim Jong Un would send to the Youth League, in which he asked to crack down “bad taste, individualistic, anti-socialist behavior” among young people.

We enter a minefield, as they have been widespread over the years news similar later turned out to be inaccurate, exaggerated or even false. The reason is simple: being a closed country due to the particular geopolitical context in which it is located, no one knows for sure what is happening in and around Pyongyang. The sources cited by the media are often anonymous sources or defectors. In the latter case it is difficult to obtain objective and non-evaluative information.

What is Kim’s goal

In any case, the site Daily Nk he argues that Kim wants to stop the spread of foreign slang, haircuts and fashion clothes, considered a danger to North Korean society at all costs. Net of any possible simplification of reality, it is plausible that the North Korean government has increased controls in order to block the influence of soft power foreign on the country. In fact, we know that South Korea can count on the “soft weapon” of K-pop and K-movies, terms that respectively indicate the South Korean music and film sector. On the other hand, the United States and Japan are no different.

We are not aware of the situation North Korea is allegedly going through. Some analysts have speculated that the Covid pandemic – the virus officially would not have been able to enter the country – may have damaged the already fragile economy of the nation. In fact, we recall that Pyongyang, during the hardest phases of the pandemic, closed all external contacts, including commercial ones with China. Here: such a situation could have created pockets of resentment or discontent within North Korean society. And so, to prevent external influences from damaging internal harmony, the government would have implemented the hard fist against “foreign poisons”.

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