LIVE Test MotoGP 2021 in Barcelona – MotoGP

LIVE Test MotoGP 2021 in Barcelona – MotoGP
LIVE Test MotoGP 2021 in Barcelona – MotoGP
Fabio Quartararo: “The penalty for the suit is right”

“We tried some new setups, some electronics and I tried to modify my driving style a bit to improve in some points. Good session, we confirm that we are on the right track. We continued to work on the front hole shot, we need to get some practice on this system. I don’t use it when braking, I use it in some corners, it doesn’t help me when braking.
“Michelin brought a new tire, similar to the average, it seemed good to me.
“In the race there wasn’t a lot of grip, I didn’t manage it at the best. Today I worked a lot with used tires, then in the final I did a time attack, I finished the tests an hour ago.
“I tried to improve in some points, especially between 6-8, where I was losing a lot compared to Oliveira.
“Ktm can be a great rival for all GPs, Oliveira is one of the fastest riders in the entire paddock. Miguel got off to a bad start, but he is very competitive, I expect him to be fighting for the championship as well
“Suit. It is true that I took a risk. I didn’t agree with the penalty for the cut in the first corner, it was unfair, I had already lost a lot because I was falling, but I must admit that the penalty for the suit was right ”.


LIVE Test MotoGP Barcelona MotoGP

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