Thunderstorms June 7, 2021 | June 8, 2021

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07 June 2021 15:50

In a context of low pressure at high altitude, the transit of a disturbed impulse over France determines conditions of widespread instability in Piedmont since the afternoon of today, Monday 7 June. This was revealed by Arpa Piemonte which foresees widespread showers and thunderstorms, even of strong intensity, which will develop first on the mountain and foothills sectors and subsequently affect the plains. Arpa writes: “Thunderstorms, locally including hail, will last until the early hours of tomorrow morning (8 June, ed) and will be more likely in the areas of Turin and Cuneo”.

The Functional Center of Arpa Piemonte has issued a yellow alert for thunderstorms that could cause local flooding, lightning and wind in their passage and isolated small landslides. The updates of the Arpa alert are available in the specific section.

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Thunderstorms June June

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