Exclusive: massacre of the cable car, they take out the guaranteeing magistrate

Do you remember the judicial controversy following the Mottarone massacre? The pm had arrested three people, one of which had confessed to having tampered with the braking system. A few days later a courageous magistrate puts the confessed offender under house arrest and releases the other two. The reason was simple and trivial. There was no risk of escape. It is the basis of our right: you go to prison in advance for serious reasons established by law and not by public opinion. Understandably shaken by the massacre.

Well this morning the president of the Court of Verbania has exonerated the investigating judge who had opposed the imprisonment of the Prosecutor’s Office. How many times have you heard that a specific file is taken away from a judge and moreover so important? And what a judge, the lady is also president of the criminal section of the same court. And without ever a shadow on his work.

Or rather a problem obviously Donatella Banci, the investigating judge we are talking about, has it: she is a guarantor. He reads the papers, he doesn’t listen to the newspapers, he doesn’t follow the square. Threatened with death for her unpopular decision, now she is being hurt by this whipping in the house. They removed the file from her, reassigning it to that judge (in Verbania, the criminal section, has six), whom Banci herself had exempted from February 1 for her delays, considered chronic, in the drafting of sentences (even two years) .

Nicola Porro, June 7, 2021


Exclusive massacre cable car guaranteeing magistrate

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