All accomplices in the Saman case

All accomplices in the Saman case
All accomplices in the Saman case

What happened to the left progressive? And where did the radical chic do-gooders go? And what about the feminists and the champions of metoo? All mute. Not even in front of the audio transcripts, in which Saman Abbas she reveals to her boyfriend that she heard her mother, Nazia Shaheen, speak of murder as the “only solution” to punish and purify her, they broke that deafening silence. Not even in front of the video frames of the security cameras that immortalize the uncle and cousins ​​as they walk towards the fields on April 29 with the shovels with which they dug the hole to bury the 18-year-old’s body, have they broken that guilty silence. Not even in the face of the dramatic testimony of her younger brother who told how her uncle Danish Hasnain brutally killed her and, once he returned to the girl’s parents, reassured them by explaining that it was “all settled”, they broke that complicit silence.

For days, the investigators haven’t given up the case for a second. The hope of finding the Pakistani girl alive, who dreamed of a free future with her boyfriend, crumbled almost immediately. Evidence soon led to the belief that the Abbas family got out of the way with the violence that young rebel. The body, however, has not yet been found. And so, after more than a month, we go on looking for him relentlessly. In Novellara, in the Bassa Reggiana, the carabinieri scan meter by meter the countryside area that is lost around the cottage where the young woman lived. Not far away is the farm where the father worked. In the next few hours they will have to switch to electromagnetometer technology to get a more in-depth scan of the subsoil. Meanwhile, the Reggio Emilia Prosecutor’s Office is trying to tighten the Abbas family who allegedly executed Saman in cold blood. His “fault”? Opposing the marriage her parents arranged for her in Pakistan. Because on this dramatic story, from the beginning, a disarming veil of silence fell on the part of the left? Only the center-right leaders took the field not only to ask investigators to shed light on the sad fate of Saman but also to light a beacon on Islamic radicalism which, amid general indifference, continues to proliferate within the Muslim communities in Italy.

Last week, in a courageous interview with Nation, Luca Ricolfi explained that the reasons for this (guilty) silence are to be found in“special consideration” that progressives continue to reserve forislam. “The left fears that the most embarrassing sides of that culture, and in particular its way of treating women, compromise the political project of becoming the electoral representatives of that world, thanks to the expansion of the right to vote for immigrants”. Even before the investigations of the Reggio Emilia Prosecutor’s Office revealed all the contours of the alleged murder, the sociologist predicted that, “even if there was the certainty that she was killed by her family, a merciful veil would be spread over the story” in the name of a politically correct mean that pushes the left to guarantee “special protection” to minorities such as Muslims. Today we have had proof of how true these words are. Very few statements of condemnation have come out of the headquarters of the Democratic Party. And only Emanuele Fiano had the “courage” to talk about Islam. Everyone else stayed away from it. And if this is already a serious fault, even more serious is the one committed by those who these days continue to turn their gaze elsewhere so as not to see the evil that exists in some communities.

We must not hide behind words. Nor should we be afraid of it. Arranged marriages and violence against women are some of the many rotten fruits ofIslamic fundamentalism. It is important to report it so that it does not proliferate. Whoever calls himself out of it for sinister political calculations is an accomplice and guilty.


accomplices Saman case

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