Sconcerts: “Italy nobody’s daughter: Mancini has overturned the concept. The mystery…”

Sconcerts: “Italy nobody’s daughter: Mancini has overturned the concept. The mystery…”
Sconcerts: “Italy nobody’s daughter: Mancini has overturned the concept. The mystery…”

The editorial by journalist Mario Sconcerti in Corriere della Sera on Roberto Mancini’s Italy in view of Euro 2020

Four days after the official debut – in the opening race of the competition – a Euro 2020 all’Olimpico against the Turkey, on the columns of Corriere della Sera the journalist Mario Bewilderment analyze theItaly by Roberto Mancini ahead of the continental tournament.

“Mancini’s Italy is nobody’s daughter. The seventeen who played in Bologna on Friday come from ten different teams. Sassuolo and Juventus have the same number of players, three. Inter only Barella, Milan only Donnarumma. . In front of this Babele Mancini understood that he had to have his own way. So he didn’t look for a team, he looked for football. And to do that he had to forget who we are, because in Italy we play badly and we have not been competitive for many years. ” .

“Mancini has overturned the concept, the specialization of the role no longer counts, the quality of the individual counts in order to invent different roles. And he succeeded. This is the current show: that for the first time a national team has nothing to do with it. nothing with the league. He plays a football that we do not see in our stadiums, at a high pace, without champions but with players who all seem good. “

“Mancini has built a team and something more, he has built an invention, a hope, that feeling of vague immortality that makes us understand that we are unique. This is not enough to win, but it helps to understand a different job. The mystery is now in the work of others, no one really knows what England has become, what France, or whether Belgium is really of age. “

“The only difference that can be judged is that the semi-finals and finals will be played at Wembley, that is England could play six out of seven games at home. A huge advantage for the English teams. But we are different, recognizable. To win this type of tournament. you always have to grow a little even in the tournament. What you are up to the day before is not enough. You have to give more. But Mancini’s Italy has put us all into a great experiment. It was a long time since we talked about our football. . Now we know we can play well too. Let’s see where it leads. “

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Sconcerts Italy nobodys daughter Mancini overturned concept mystery

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