Valentina Autiero, drops the bomb on Men and Women: “Secret chats and …”

Valentina Autiero has never returned to Men and women. After so much gossip, he intervened to clarify his farewell Simone Bolognesi, former knight of the Throne Over.

Valentina Autiero and secret chats, here’s what happened

Men and women has officially closed its doors, the next episodes of the dating show will be broadcast starting from September 2021. The protagonists of the Trono Over they are already on vacation, some are already struggling with a tan, while others are waiting for the holidays. There are those who will make their holidays in sweet company, who instead perennially as single as Gemma Galgani.

The lady of the female parterre has not been able to find great love even in recent months, despite having had more than one acquaintance. Unfortunately for Lady Galgani it is not a flourishing period as far as the sentimental sphere is concerned, it is better instead in the friend one. In fact, at his side there is the inseparable Ida Platano who really loves her. Who knows if in the next season of the format, Gemma will find the right man for her. Same thing goes for Armando Incarnato, Roberta Di Padua, Isabella Ricci, Aldo Farella and all the other protagonists of the show about feelings.

Simone Bolognesi silences Valentina Autiero

Among the historical faces of the program of Maria De Filippi, Valentina Autiero it is certainly a favorite of the public. The former dame, however, has never returned in transmission and, after a long time Simone Bolognesi spilled the beans on why. The former knight spent a weekend in the company of some participants of the dating show and he wanted to spend a few words for Valentina. Simone told the microphones of PiùDonna everything and told her about the attitude taken by Valentina. “… I would like to tell Valentina that she was 6 years in Men and women, could compete with Gemma Galgani …“.

The handsome Simone then added: “Then he talks about chat, but he forgets that he is no longer on Canale 5. It is gone Gianni Sperti to defend it, as supreme judge. And chats and spies are part of the world of Men and Women, not of real life ”.

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Simone refers to the fact that Valentina Autiero he made some allusions about the existence of alleged chats which, if they were made known, many of them would no longer be friends. But, Simone in this regard said: “The chats are part of the game of the program. This does not mean that in real life they cannot become friends and be together ”.

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