the photo that makes them cover with euros – Libero Quotidiano

the photo that makes them cover with euros – Libero Quotidiano
the photo that makes them cover with euros – Libero Quotidiano

Twenty-eight minutes after the official launch and the official merchandise gods Maneskin got a full house. The news was given by the official channels of the band with a shot in which the frontman is seen Damiano David with one of the sold out t-shirts. “We will be back soon,” reads the caption of the band’s post, which meanwhile has invited fans to pre-order the new products. For the Maneskin this is the umpteenth success after the milestone reached in Sanremo 2021 and the victory ofEurovision Song Contest.

The Maneskin t-shirts, sweatshirts and official gadgets sold out in the blink of an eye: for weeks the Roman band has been at the top of the charts, and the victory at the Eurovision Song Contest has allowed them to quickly become popular even in the ‘abroad. The band had already made itself known to X Factor, and in recent months he had also brought home the extraordinary triumph of Sanremo Festival 2021, where they had competed with their song Shut up and good.

The launch of the Maneskin merchandise was announced by the members of the band with a snapshot via social media that obviously got full of likes, also thanks to the presence in his underwear by Damiano and the bass player Victoria De Angelis. However, accusations of plagiarism have come from Holland: “Shut up and good” would recall a song by a group called “The Vendettas” and dating back to 1994. But during a live broadcast on Instagram, Damiano David revealed that he dreamed of a collaboration with Miley Cyrus, famous American star. Incredibly, the rumor must have reached the person directly concerned, who has in fact started following the Maneskins on Instagram.

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photo cover euros Libero Quotidiano

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