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Gabriele Bonci hospitalized. The press release on his current health condition.

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Gabriele Bonci it was recently hospitalized in hospital to follow a nutritional rehabilitation program. The Roman pizza maker announced from his Facebook profile that he is in a private clinic for medical checks. Let’s see the details.

Gabriele Bonci hospitalized: who is the pizza chef of the people

Gabriele Bonci is one chef and pizza maker of Roman origin very well known in the entertainment world. In fact, he participated in the Rai TV show, “The cook’s test” and leads the program “Pizza Hero, the challenge of the ovens”. He is also the owner of pizzeria, a chain of pizza by the slice born in Rome. After earning a hospitality diploma, his passion for pizza immediately emerges, taking him to work around the capital and overseas, where he opens a pizzeria in Chicago.

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Gabriele Bonci’s incredible weight loss

In recent years, the well-known Roman pizza chef, ex 100 kg for 1.90m height, underwent a strict weight loss diet coming to weigh 75 kg. A incredible weight loss, almost unlikely, which led fans to think about the presence of a disease. In fact, the chef has an imposing bone structure, also enhanced by his height, and seen so thin and worn he left everyone speechless with just one question: what diet he will have followed? Here is the press release published by his official profile:

The hypothesis on the low-calorie diet of the Roman chef

How did Gabriele Bonci manage to lose so many kilos in a short time? It seems that the pizza chef has undergone one strict low-calorie diet e fat burning consuming, for example, foods that are poor such as pizza. The recipe of his pizza light in fact it involves the use of wholemeal spelled flour, rich in vitamins, fibers and antioxidants while i refined grains compromise body weight skyrocketing insulin values.

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The disadvantages of an excessive calorie-restricted diet

The low-calorie diet is characterized by a drastic reduction in calories it’s a appreciable increase in proteins. This diet keeps insulin levels constant while increasing the glucagon which stimulates the catabolic processes which expend energy leading to weight loss. A low-calorie diet therefore implies a metabolic change increasing the slag production that the kidneys need to dispose of. It is advisable to hydrate more than necessary to avoid possible damage to intestinal regularity or chronic constipation. It is not a diet that can be followed for a long period of time because energy-saving mechanisms are activated that start in prolonged periods of fasting, allowing the body to survive even without carbohydrates (essential for our body).

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Gabriele Bonci hospitalized weight problems press release

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