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A Special Thanks to the Health Staff of the Covid Department of Mirandola *

Exactly after 30 days of hospitalization due to Covid-19, Tonino Guerzoni di Mortizzuolo was discharged.

“Mand I had a bad time, in the first days of hospitalization I risked being transferred to Baggiovara in intensive care“, He says.

Tonino, known by many as “Tony”, is keen to publicly thank all the staff of the Covid and pulmonology department of the S. Maria Bianca hospital in Mirandola:

“Sand I managed to recover, it is above all thanks to the fantastic team of professionals who followed me during the hospitalization. A long and tiring journey, which scared me a lot. Now I am back home and, after losing 12.5 kg I am happy to be able to publicly thank the fantastic people who have helped me and who have been close to me in this difficult period.”.

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Special healthcare staff Covid ward Mirandola SulPanaro

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