Covid, 18-year-old operated for thrombosis after AstraZeneca: how is she

An 18-year-old was hospitalized and operated on in Genoa for a cavernous sinus thrombosis after receiving the Covid vaccine produced by AstraZeneca

A young woman from 18 years was operated on on June 6 at the Policlinico San Martino in Genoa for one cavernous sinus thrombosis. He had received AstraZeneca’s Covid vaccine in the previous days. “He is stable in his severity“, The doctors told Adnkronos, explaining the condition of the girl.

A “report of pharmacovigilance in which i medications taken after vaccination ”, to investigate the actual causes of thrombosis.

Thrombosis after the vaccine: the conditions of the 18-year-old from Genoa

“There was interventional neuroradiology to remove the thrombus mechanically, which went well. Subsequently there was an intervention by the neurosurgical team for the reduction of cranial pressure linked to the haemorrhage ”, explained the doctors.

The 18-year-old, originally from Sestri Levante, was then transferred to the intensive care unit. As Repubblica reports, he received the Covid vaccine on May 25, “after a negative prevaccinal history”, on the occasion of one of the Ligurian open days for over 18s.

Thrombosis after the vaccine: why the 18-year-old went to the hospital

On June 3, the girl began complaining of symptoms such as headache e photophobia, and went to the emergency room. There she had been subjected to one cerebral tac and to a neurological examination, both failing. Discharged, she would have to show up for new blood tests after 15 days.

On June 5 she was back in the emergency room because he couldn’t move some parts of the body, and from one new tac brain had emerged a ‘hemorrhage. Transferred to the Neurosurgery ward at San Martino, she then underwent the operation.

Further investigations are currently underway to understand if there is a direct correlation between the cavernous sinus thrombosis diagnosed in the young woman and the administration of the anti Covid vaccine produced by AstraZeneca.

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Photo source: ANSA

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