crafty high-risk transactions

crafty high-risk transactions
crafty high-risk transactions

The Super Cashback is in the pipeline. Many are anxiously awaiting their repayments, but some factors could upset the ranking

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We have entered the last month of the first phase of the Cashback. At the moment to re-enter the Super Cashback which provides for a refund of 1.500 euro in addition to what has accumulated based on the transactions carried out (up to a maximum of 150 euro), serve approx 530 transactions.

In fact, only the first 100mila will benefit from this amazing possibility. However, it is not said that currently those inside will eventually receive the coveted prize. To change the cards on the table could be the increase of controls aimed at verifying the situation of micro-transactions and deferred small payments.

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Super Cashback: beware of canceling transactions

Specifically, the goal is to definitively knock out the so-called crafty that in the course of these months thanks to negligible operations, they have earned a place in the Olympus of reimbursements.

Doing so would protect the merchants who, because of this, found themselves paying very high commissions.. In some cases they were higher than the prices of the products sold.

For this reason, many users have received messages explaining that some transactions are not valid for the purposes of Super Cashback. Should abusive conduct emerge from the checks, i payments in question will be canceled from the statement and would not give the right to any type of refund.

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In short, a period of great uncertainty that could favor those who acted in respect of others and downgrade those who used techniques that were not exactly correct (albeit legal). The definitive answers will arrive only on July 10, 2021 when the final ranking will be visible on the IO app which will take into account all these aspects mentioned above.


crafty highrisk transactions

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