The news on the case of Saman Abbas

The news on the case of Saman Abbas
The news on the case of Saman Abbas

In recent days, some news has emerged on the investigation into the alleged murder of Saman Abbas, the 18-year-old Pakistani girl who has been missing for more than a month and who is suspected of having been killed and buried in the fields behind the house, in Novellara, a twenty kilometers north of Reggio Emilia. According to a summary of the investigation reports published by the Journal of Reggio, now the Reggio Emilia Prosecutor’s Office is investigating his uncle, Danish Hasnain, who is wanted throughout Europe, for premeditated murder.

In the meantime, the carabinieri have released some images of the video of a surveillance camera that had been much talked about, and which show three men going into the fields at the back of Abbas’s house around 7.15 pm on April 29th. he thinks the girl may have been buried and the search for her body has been concentrated in recent weeks. Two of the three people who appear in the video have been identified: one is 33-year-old Hashnain and the other is Ikram Ijaz, Abbas’s cousin who was arrested in France on 30 May last year on charges of murder and body concealment.

According to the reconstruction told in the minutes, Abbas’s younger brother, aged 16, allegedly accused Hashnain of killing his sister because she had refused her parents’ attempt to organize an arranged marriage and because she wanted to live “Western”. Other video surveillance images dated April 30 (which, however, were not released) would show Abbas and the parents walking towards a driveway that leads to the fields behind their house: a few minutes later, the parents return home without the girl. At that point the brother would have heard his uncle tell his parents that “he would have thought of Saman”: “I think he killed her by strangling her, also because when he came home he had nothing in his hand”, his brother would have told the police. according to what the newspapers wrote.

The minutes also carry a message from Hashnain who allegedly said to a person close to him via chat: “We did a job well done.”

Initially Abbas’s disappearance was treated as a possible escape or kidnapping. According to some people who knew the family, the girl almost never left the house and her parents also prevented her from going to school. Last December she opposed her parents’ attempt to organize an arranged marriage with a cousin of hers in Pakistan and reported her parents to the police for this. Since then she had been a guest in a structure managed by the social services in the Bologna area.

On 11 April he had decided to leave the educational community to return to his parents’ home, perhaps to ask to have his documents back: on 5 May, when the carabinieri had gone to his home to agree on a new accommodation with the social services, he however, they had found none.

Although her father had said she was alive and in Belgium, surveillance footage and the fact that Abbas’ parents had hurried back to Pakistan in early May had reinforced the suspicion that the girl had been killed. In any case, after his parents had left, his brother had stayed a few days in Novellara together with Hashnain, who according to his testimony would have tried to cheer him up for the alleged murder of his sister, but at the same time would have told him not to say nothing to the carabinieri otherwise he would have killed him too. The uncle would tell him nothing about the place where he buried the body, and according to the brother none of the family had said anything because everyone was too afraid of him.

Among others, the carabinieri also questioned Abbas’s boyfriend: in some messages, cited in the minutes, the girl wrote to him that she had heard the family talking about the idea of ​​killing her, and had asked him to notify the police forces. order if by chance he hadn’t heard from her for more than 48 hours. Even the fiancé would have been threatened by family members so that he would not say anything to the carabinieri.

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