The shocking background: so Denise was taken away

The shocking background: so Denise was taken away
The shocking background: so Denise was taken away

The blue Renault Megane, semi-destroyed and without a license plate found in via Rieti in Mazara del Vallo, is under investigation, as reported by Ansa. The hypothesis is that the car may have been used for the seizure of Denise Pipitone, which took place on a market day on September 1, 2004.

The wrecked car

The presence of this car had already been mentioned during an episode of “Who saw it?”. It had been in a fund of via Rieti for a long time, at least since 2017, according to the filming of Google Street View, however, he had not been there since 2004. The investigators still seem to want to leave no stone unturned in this second investigation into the kidnapping of little Denise.

The reconstruction of the dynamics of the kidnapping

From a media point of view, through broadcasts such as “Who has seen it?” and Fourth Degree “, we talked about how the dynamics of the kidnapping may have occurred, but it should be remembered that it is only hypothesis at the moment.

Close to the time of the kidnapping, a blue car driven by a blonde woman was seen speeding through the streets of Mazara. According to an anonymous super-witness – that he would have met the lawyer of mother Piera Maggio Giacomo Frazzitta in recent days – Denise would have been in the car, crying and calling mom. It remains to be seen if what was leaked was actually confirmed by the witness, and if he will also speak before the Marsala Public Prosecutor’s Office which has reopened the investigation. This car now at the center of the investigation may also have brought the small one to via Rieti.

What’s in via Rieti

There is a warehouse where the deceased worked Baptist’s Key. The deaf and dumb man was the subject of two hearings with as many expert Lis, and a small meeting with a correspondent of “Who has seen it?”. Recently, two other Lis experts, one of whom specialized in 10 dialects and deaf-mute from birth, explained how in reality in the hearings of Mr.Battista not everything that had been explained by the man was understood. The two, who appeared several times in “Who has seen it?”, Said that Battista claimed to have seen the girl, pointing to Denise’s face in a photo on the phone. Via Rieti is also the place from which a phone call to the mother of Anna Corona, to ask to go to their nieces Jessica and Alice Pulizzi.

Battista said he saw Denise, perhaps he fed and cared for her. And then two men would arrive on the spot, one of them with curly hair, who would take Denise away: Battista told it in detail, as if he had been with them, showing by gestures the path of an overpass, perhaps the Trasmazzaro bridge and of the arches, which would suggest the architecture of the surrounding houses. Battista also spoke of a lighthouse and a rowboat, on which Denise would be embarked. All these places really exist in Mazara del Vallo, but Battista’s relatives have always maintained that his testimony had to do with memories of his youth. According to experts, Lis is instead contemporary, or at least not distant in time.

It is believed that the child changed hands, it is not known whether in fact following this hypothetical process or another one, until reaching a group rom. It has been said that the Roma present in Mazara were nowhere to be found in the city close to the kidnapping and there is a video, taken in Milan by the security guard Felice Grieco, which shows a little girl – who looks and talks like Denise – together with three people presumably of Roma ethnicity, a woman – who in recent days has been identified by Grieco – a man and a boy with an accordion.

Giuseppe Della Key and Anna Corona

Giuseppe Della Key and Anna Corona are currently under investigation, as revealed by “Fourth Degree”. The first is Battista’s nephew: the first expert Lis of the auditions seemed to hear Battista say “Peppe” O “Beppe“. The new Lis experts, during the first listening, instead commented: “He doesn’t say Peppe“. Among other things, Giuseppe Della Key is called in the family Pino: is it to him that Battista could have referred or to another person, perhaps external to the family?

Anna Corona is instead the ex-wife of Piero Pulizzi, Denise’s natural father. During the first investigation his position was filed, while his daughter Jessica Pulizzi, whose hatred towards Piera Maggio was proven, was acquitted in three degrees of trial. But it is from Anna that the investigations are resuming: the investigators have in fact explored the garage of the old house where Anna and Jessica lived at the time of the kidnapping, examining in particular an access hatch to a water tank, which is very common in homes in Southern Italy due to water shortages. But at “Fourth Degree” there was also talk of an unusual discovery.

The secret room

The investigators were looking for one secret room at Anna Corona’s house? At “Quarto grade” it was shown how a room does not correspond to the plan shown in the land registry. The room in question should be 4 meters high, and instead is just over two meters high, with a wooden ceiling and not level. However, in that false ceiling there are no openings that would suggest the actual existence of this secret room.

The extended family

When we talk about Denise’s kidnapping, the expression “extended family”, To talk about the hypotheses connected to the kidnapping. In recent days, on TV, there has also been talk of other elements of this family, which, however, the first investigations would not even take into consideration, as they were completely unrelated to the story. He reiterated it Piera Maggio with a status on Facebook in which he wrote: “We have always sought the truth about Denise’s kidnapping, even trying to make it emerge. Partially telling facts that have already been verified, making allusions that lead to nothing, certainly only serve to create inferences and defamation. Know that during the trial of first instance, the only alternative trail highlighted by the defendant’s lawyers was only the Roma trail, not others. This is to make everyone understand, that despite some disagreements, there were no grounds for accusing others belonging to Denise’s close circle of family members, because they collaborated, their positions were examined, clarified and excluded from the investigation.“.

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