Eighth grade exams 2021: when do the results come out?

Eighth grade exams 2021: when do the results come out?
Eighth grade exams 2021: when do the results come out?

Eighth grade exams 2021 at the start: leave today prove for many boys who attend the last year of lower secondary school, but when the results come out?

An answer comes from the Miur ordinance which also defined how the 2021 eighth grade exam takes place, which will be, unlike the 2020 one, in presence even if written tests are eliminated.

The 2021 eighth grade exams foresee, as established also for the 2021 Maturity, the only oral exam with the discussion ofelaborate.

The results of the 8th grade exams 2021 they come out at the end of the tests immediately after the deliberation of the commission, as we will see in detail by focusing first on calculation of the final grade.

Eighth grade exams 2021: final grade calculation

For the 2021 eighth grade exams, before seeing when the results come out, it is good to remember how the final grade is calculated.

The commission of the eighth grade exam, as stated in the Miur ordinance, primarily establishes i criteria assessment of the test taking into account its performance. In 2021 the eighth grade exams take place, we remind you, with only oral in the presence, providing in detail:

  • the presentation of the paper on a specific topic and which consists of an original product that can be produced in the form of: written text, presentation including multimedia, map or set of maps, film, artistic or technical-practical or instrumental production for students attending courses with a musical orientation, and involve one or more disciplines among those foreseen in the study plan;
  • the assessment of mastery level of the objectives and goals of competence and, in particular: of the Italian language o the language in which the teaching takes place; of the mathematical logic skills; of skills in foreign languages.

The evaluation and therefore the results of the eighth grade exams are based on the oral articulated as described.

As stated in the Miur ordinance on the 2021 eighth grade exams, the commission resolves, on the proposal of the subcommittee, the final evaluation expressed in tenths. The final grade at the end of the 2021 eighth grade exams is given by media between the admission grade and the oral evaluation. The average is rounded up to the nearest unit for fractions equal to or greater than 0.5.

The eighth grade exam is passed with a result of at least 6 your 10 (six tenths). The final grade of the 2021 eighth grade exams can also be accompanied by the ships. Honors are awarded by the commission taking into account:

  • of the assessments achieved during the three-year academic career;
  • the results of the exam.

Eighth grade exams 2021: when the results come out

Let’s see now when the results of the eighth grade 2021 exams come out always starting from the Miur ordinance and remembering that the tests are not held for all schools in Italy on the same day.

Once the evaluation operations by the commission for the class that took the eighth grade exam have been completed, the results are published via posting of billboards at the institute seat of the subcommittee.

The results of the eighth grade exams are also published, separately for each class, only and exclusively in thereserved document area of ​​the electronic register accessed by the students of the reference class. For those who do not pass the 2021 eighth grade exams in the same register, only the indication of the wording will be affixed “Not graduated”.

The Miur ordinance on the results of the 2021 eighth grade exams specifies the following:

“In the final diploma issued at the end of the first cycle exams and in the tables affixed to the school notice board, no mention is made of any methods of carrying out the exam for students with disabilities and specific learning disabilities.”

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