Love Island, Giulia De Lellis reveals what Maria De Filippi advised her

Love Island, Giulia De Lellis reveals what Maria De Filippi advised her
Love Island, Giulia De Lellis reveals what Maria De Filippi advised her

Today it officially started Love Island, the new program of Discovery+ in which a group of boys and girls will have to look for a soul mate which will see the debut of Giulia De Lellis as a host.

In recent days they have been revealed the top ten competitors and the program code, sung by Shade.

On the eve of his debut at the helm of the format, the influencer with 5 million followers told himself to Panorama. The digital entrepreneur anticipated what we should expect from her new program:

A lot of unpredictability. There will be several challenges, games that I will explain to the public and couples, and many unexpected events that will mix up the couples. […] there will also be a bombshells, which will decide new entries by surprise.

The from Lellis he also stated that the public will play a strategic role, given that through the appropriate app they will be able to support their favorite competitors, choosing who to eliminate and decreeing the couple who can win 20 thousand euros.

Giulia she declared herself excited but also frightened by this new experience:

So little time has passed from the proposal to run it to being here in Gran Canaria that I have not been able to fully realize it. now that the program is taking shape […] perhaps emotion prevails.

The reality show, in fact, is recorded on the Spanish island, where the contestants will live locked up in a dream villa.

The former suitor of Men and women she confessed that she immediately got to work practicing her debut as a presenter, resuming studying English and looking at the foreign editions of the format. There from Lellis he also stated which presenter he will be inspired by: nothing less than Maria De Filippi!

I will try to be honest, never detached but always objective: my model is Maria De Filippi. He told me not to distort myself, to be completely myself: if people have supported and appreciated me over the years it is also because of my way of being simple and direct. […] Every day I try to be myself, without artifice. I’m not one who has trouble saying what she thinks or taking a stand.

The new presenter said she believes in the possibility of finding love on television:

I think I’m living proof that it can happen. But you can fall in love anywhere!

The influencer, as you may recall, had in fact participated in a few years ago Men and women, where he had courted Andrea Damante who had chosen her under a cascade of red petals, and their relationship for years made thousands of fans dream. Now the beautiful Roman is engaged to Carlo Gussalli Berretta, heir to a historic dynasty of arms manufacturers. Giulia confessed that the relationship with the scion is going well:

I’ve never met someone like him. He is deep, sensitive, has a noble soul. […] Carlo I will miss him very much and I hope he will be able to reach me, because it is the first time that we have been apart for so long.

The former face of Men and women he also wanted to anticipate what his future projects are, including social, cinema and TV:

I shot my first movie, Parents vs. Influencer, and it was an incredible experience so I’d love to go back to acting. Conducting was one of my goals, it was what I wanted to do for a long time and I managed to achieve this goal too. I study and prepare myself so I am ready to take every opportunity.

And you will look Love Island its Discovery+?

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