Reggio Emilia, Saman Abbas’s brother: “Our uncle strangled her, he didn’t tell me where he buried her. My father was crying”

The 18-year-old’s brother also told the investigators of the father’s reaction, on his uncle’s return: “He felt bad and started crying, he was almost fainting for my sister.”

Her father made her sleep on the sidewalk – According to the reconstruction made by the Reggio Emilia investigating judge, Shabbar Abbas, Saman’s father, had prevented his daughter from going to high school, “he often locked her out of the house forcing her to sleep on the sidewalk” and, “ultimately, he wanted to force her to return to Pakistan to marry a cousin “.

On April 22 the last complaint – Despite the contrary opinion of social services, on 11 April Saman had returned home to retrieve her documents, after having been in a protected community since November. But on 22 April she once again turned to the carabinieri to denounce the parents who did not want to hand them over and tried to force her into an arranged marriage.

Quarrel and shout with parents: “Give me the documents” – On the evening of April 30, then, the 18-year-old tried to escape and had a violent quarrel with her parents. “Give me the documents,” Saman told his father. He asked her if she wanted to marry someone and she replied that she just wanted to leave. Then she took her things and fled. The parent then called the uncle to take her home. The uncle then returned, saying that everything was fine. On May 5, the absence of the young woman and her parents, who left for Pakistan on May 1, was discovered when the military went to search the house, precisely with the aim of recovering the documents.


Reggio Emilia Saman Abbass brother uncle strangled didnt buried father crying

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