Covid, Crisanti: “Geolocalize those who enter public places” – Chronicle

Covid, Crisanti: “Geolocalize those who enter public places” – Chronicle
Covid, Crisanti: “Geolocalize those who enter public places” – Chronicle

Milan, 7 June – The proposal is one of those intended at least to make people discuss: geolocalize whoever enters public places to counter Covid-19. The virologist launched it Andrea Crisanti, which also proposes for Italy the “right compromise” that “was found in England: every time a person enters a cinema, in a stadium, in a restaurant “, in short, “in a public place, scan a QR code and immediately you know that it was there “. A big brother who controls our every move? Not at all according to the director of the Department of Molecular Medicine of the University of Padua who, speaking at ” Agorà ” on Rai 3, underlined that hypothesized would be “not a continuous geolocation, in every single moment”, but precisely “a compromise” that “does not seem to me – emphasizes Crisanti – a great derogation from the right to privacy”.

And as proof of his reasoning, the virologist observes that “when one pays with a credit card, or with an App or with any other tool, it is clear that at that moment he already delegates all his privacy rights. tracked for commercial purposes. Privacy is the legislative fence through which large companies run their business. I would be of the idea of ​​unhinging this thing, of abolishing privacy, because it is the only way to break these monopolies “.

Variants: risk as in the UK

Regarding the danger variants, Crisanti points out that “in many parts of the world there are no vaccines available and the risk that variants may develop able to escape him. Just look at what is happening in the UK, where l‘increase in cases is 40% weekly: let’s not forget that there are 750,000 swabs, mostly molecular, per day and there is a capacity for filtering and tracing at the borders that we do not have “.

Green pass and holidays

Finally, with regard to travel, Crisanti underlines the fragility of the system and the need to plan “with great seriousness” the movements of vacationers and vaccination calls. “We do not have a national vaccination register and there is no data flow between the regions – underlined the virologist -: having to do the green pass e schedule calls, is certainly a source of great confusion “

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