18-year-old serious after the vaccine: “Maybe a drug’s fault”

18-year-old serious after the vaccine: “Maybe a drug’s fault”
18-year-old serious after the vaccine: “Maybe a drug’s fault”

An 18-year-old is now in very serious condition admitted to the San Martino hospital in Genoa, after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine. The young woman, like many of her peers, had booked herself inoculation taking advantage of the open day without age limits, prepared by the Liguria Region. A choice perhaps also dictated by the approach of the holidays and the desire to leave the last difficult year and a half behind. The day following the booking, the young woman had agreed to voluntarily undergo Chiavari inoculation of AstraZeneca serum. Now she is hospitalized in very serious condition at San Martino in Genoa, after having undergone two major surgical operations to prevent the situation from worsening, following a cerebral venous thrombosis.

The Astrazeneca vaccine and thrombosis

As reported by La Stampa, the Liguria Region retraced the steps in a note. The 18-year-old was vaccinated on May 25, 2021 in the local health authority with the AstraZeneca vaccine “After negative vaccination history”. On June 3, the first ailments occurred that led the girl to go to the emergency room with headache and photophobia. The patient was then subjected to various tests, such as brain scan and neurological examination, both of which were negative. The young woman was discharged and recommended that she repeat the blood tests after 2 weeks.

On June 5, she returned to the emergency room with “Motor deficit to an emilate”. The cerebral CT scan repeated, this time resulted in a hemorrhagic result, with consequent transfer of the patient to Neurosurgery. The first surgery it served to remove the thrombus, while the second to relieve the intracranial pressure resulting from the hemorrhage. The San Martino management immediately activated the required reports in the context of pharmacovigilance procedures towards Aifa, also indicating the drugs that the girl took after the inoculation. Among the hypotheses there is precisely that there was an interaction with a drug that was prescribed to the 18-year-old.

The correlation with the vaccine has yet to be verified

Giovanni Toti, president of the Liguria Region, explained that “We have been in constant contact with San Martino since this morning. Our doctors are doing their best, they are working and are still in the operating room to save the girl’s life. Let us pray for you and your loved ones in these hours of apprehension and pain ”. Once again at the center of the news the serum produced by the Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical company and its possible consequences on women under 60. In this case the correlation with the vaccine, however, has yet to be verified.

Also in the Ligurian capital, about two months ago, a 32-year-old died following thrombosis two weeks after vaccination, which also occurred with AstraZeneca. The prosecutor had opened an investigation for manslaughter. At least for the moment, unless otherwise specified by the drug agency or the Ministry of Health, the administration of AstraZeneca serum to under 60s will not be suspended.


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