Alleged tax fraud, GDF seizes 20 million from DHL | Pm: “System of exploitation of workers”

The emergency seizure was signed by the Milan prosecutor Paolo Storari, of the department led by the deputy Maurizio Romanelli, in the investigation conducted by the Gdf. Basically, according to what was reconstructed by the investigations, the DHL group company interfaced to have “mere labor reservoirs” with a consortium headed by various labor brokerage companies that formally hired logistics workers.

Through an alleged round of false invoices, issued by the companies for the benefit of DHL, the latter would have reduced its costs and at the same time the other companies did not pay the VAT due and not even the contributions for the porters employed in the deliveries on behalf of DHL.

Pm: “System of exploitation of workers”

According to the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office, the “system” used by a company of the DHL logistics group “as well as carrying out serious conducts that facilitate the exploitation of workers and that determine unfair competition practices, involves the issuance, first and foremost then, use of invoices for subjectively non-existent transactions “. The investigation revealed that, between 2016 and 2019, more than 1,500 workers were hired by the “fake” cooperatives that were part of the “system”.

“Reality does not isolate in the Lombard territory”

Among other things, the prosecutors write, “the computer acquisitions carried out during the search activity, the telephone wiretapping as well as the acquisitions through databases confirm a reality that is certainly not isolated in the Lombard territory”. A reality made up of “contracts for the illegal supply of manpower passed off as procurement contracts”, tariffs “imposed by the client, which are unable to remunerate the labor” and the omitted payment “of VAT and contributions by the reservoirs of employees, as a necessary condition to remunerate the work, a condition substantially ‘imposed’ by the client “, ie DHL.

23 cooperatives involved By reconstructing the “labor supply chain” it was ascertained that the working relationships “with the client company”, ie DHL, were “shielded” by a consortium, a “filter company”, which in turn made use of “23 cooperative companies “, the so-called” reservoir “companies, which alternated over time” transferring labor from one to the other, systematically omitting the payment of VAT and, in most cases, of social security charges “.


Alleged tax fraud GDF seizes million DHL System exploitation workers

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