“Maybe because he is on trial?”, Mud manettaro – Libero Quotidiano

“Maybe because he is on trial?”, Mud manettaro – Libero Quotidiano
“Maybe because he is on trial?”, Mud manettaro – Libero Quotidiano

“Italian politics is boiling”: so Myrta Merlino opened the episode of The air that pulls on La7, welcoming its first guest, the director of the fattoquotidiano.it Peter Gomez. At the center of the discussion is the passage of the former grillino Marcello De Vito, already a candidate for mayor of Rome, in Forza Italia. “He was tired of the thousand somersaults that the Movement was doing and then he did the somersault directly, “said the host. Followed immediately by Gomez, who commented:”Perhaps it was influenced by the fact that he has an ongoing proceeding and that he was arrested at the time“.” We do not know this, but if De Vito wanted to participate to explain this decision well, he can do it – added Merlino -. Indeed, going from 5 stars to Forza Italia is really a great launch. “

The announcement of the move was made a short time ago by Maurizio Gasparri, senator and party coordinator of Silvio Berlusconi for Roma Capitale, during the press conference “Campidoglio: the challenge of Forza Italia”. De Vito, president of the Capitoline Assembly, was the most voted councilor among the grillini in the round that led to the election of Virginia Raggi as mayor of Rome.

“I am very happy and convinced of my choice and ready for the challenges that will arise, starting from the next Administrative Offices. I no longer held up to the thousand ideological somersaults of the M5S, to which I say … good everything! – commented De Vito -. I could have stopped doing politics or made available the experience gained in recent years in the City Council and in a natural way I turned to the political area that had always represented my ideas and my culture before joining the M5S“.

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