Teacher mobility 2021, 10 thousand inter-provincial transfers. Extensive control of precedence, in particular law 104

Teacher mobility school year 2021/22: many smiles but also a lot of disappointment on the part of teachers who are unable to obtain the transfer requested after 6, 7, 10 years from the role. A difficult retaliation to accept for many who in recent years have left their family to accept the role on the vacant seats.

Mobility results 2021/22

The results were published by the respective school offices and communicated via e-mail and online applications to the teachers concerned. The files

There are 10,465 movements between different provinces, 4,040 teachers have passed from a support post to a common post.

Strict control of precedence

These are the words of Undersecretary Floridia to the National Coordination of Immobilized Teachers.

strict control of precedence, especially of 104 certifications. This monopolizes the territorial movements, covering all the posts in many provinces for years, the controls are already in place and many are excluded from the ongoing territorial mobility.

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