live 7-6, 1-0-

live 7-6, 1-0-
live 7-6, 1-0-

14.48: Musetti resumes well and wins the first game of the second set, 1-0

14.43: Musetti wins the tie-break 9-7 and wins the first set closing with a great straight 7-6

14.33: Djokovic leads 4-2

14.29: to Djokovic the first point 1-0

14.28: Musetti closes with a great second and goes to the tie-break, 6-6

14.23: Djokovic holds the serve with difficulty thanks to two errors of measurement by Musetti, 6-5 for the Serbian

14.19: Musetti holds the bar, 5-5

14.14: the Serbian keeps the serve at 0 strength and anger with two aces, 5-4 for him

14.12: Musetti’s backhand annoys the Serbian, 4-4 after a hard-fought game

14.04: Djokovic resumes grinding and keeps the service, 4-3 for the Serbian

14.01: Musetti holds the bar 3-3

13.57 Musetti breaks Djokovic’s serve, thanks above all to a passer-by of 10 and praise who left the opponent 2-3 stunned

13.47: Djokovic breaks the service to 0 from the blue, 3-1 for the Serbian who is taking the measures to the blue

13.42: Djokovic wins the third game, 2-1 for the Serbian

13.39: Musetti takes the game with an ace in the final: 1-1. Djokovic got two wrong answers

13.35: Djokovic in the lead 1-0, Musetti fails to counter the solidity of the n.1 in the world

13.31: First 15 for Musetti conquered with a great backhand

13-25: Djokovic will start serving

13.21: Lorenzo Musetti and Novak Djokovic they just started warming up.

Lorenzo Musetti against Novak Djokovic (Eurosport live) in the second round of Ronald Garros the first challenge of the great Monday of Italian tennis in Paris. The game is the second of the program which starts at 11. To follow Jannik Sinner challenges Rafa Nadal.

Musetti was just crowned as a new wonder from The team, who indicated the model of Italian tennis as an example of virtue. The boy from Carrara, number 76 in the world, takes the field against the Serbian number 1 with the aim of playing equal, with humility but without resignation. At 19, and with so much talent in hand, even a well-interpreted defeat can be an important lesson for the future.

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