Alfa Romeo B-SUV: the latest news

Alfa Romeo B-SUV: the latest news
Alfa Romeo B-SUV: the latest news

The curiosity to know the new is growing Alfa Romeo B-SUV. This model will be the second big news to enrich the Alfa Romeo range after the C-segment Tonale SUV. At the moment we do not know exactly what the name of this model will be, whose identity has yet to be formalized. In the past the name was talked about with insistence Brennero, more recently from abroad a new rumor has come that this model will be called Palade.

In both cases it is assumed that the future Alfa Romeo B-SUV will have the name of a pass in the Alps such as Stelvio and Tonale and it makes absolutely sense. As for the place of production, even in this case there is no official status but it is assumed that the vehicle in question can be produced in Poland at the Tychy plant together with future Jeep and Fiat B segment SUVs. Unlike those that have already been made official, confirmation is still missing but it is assumed that it can arrive very soon.

The new Alfa Romeo B-SUV it will be presented during 2023. The production, barring further movements, is expected to start during the autumn of 2023. This means that September 2023 could be the right month for its presentation. As for the landing of this vehicle at the dealership, we will almost certainly have to wait until 2024.

Alfa Romeo B-SUV it will arise on PSA’s CMP platform and will have combustion engine versions, hybrid versions and even a 100 percent electric variant. This should have an electric motor with a power of 136 hp (100 kW) and 260 nm of torque. Apparently, the first EV of the Biscione could arrive simultaneously with the other versions and not at a later time as was initially assumed. The length of this B-SUV should be between 420 e i 430 cm.

Compared to the other Stellantis models in this segment, Alfa Romeo B-SUV in addition to the unmistakable style of the Biscione, it should stand out for being a vehicle with a highly premium character. For this car also Stellantis will focus heavily on technology. The name of this model and other information and details could be revealed by the end of 2021. Finally, we cannot exclude that a concept car version of this SUV may be anticipated. in 2022.

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Alfa Romeo BSUV latest news

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