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Milan – Mourning in the world of music. Michele Merlo He did not make it. The singer passed away late yesterday evening at the Maggiore hospital, the family consultants communicate in a note. His conditions were get worseover the hours. From Thursday evening he was fighting for his life following a ‘cerebral hemorrhage caused by a fulminant leukemia, a disease that the artist did not know he had. He was immediately transported to the Maggiore hospital, where he was urgently subjected, in the night between Thursday and Friday, to a very delicate interventionsurgery for a brain hemorrhage. The disappearance of the 28-year-old hit the world of music, are so many The messages who are coming to remember the boy.

Emma Marrone: “Ieri sera ho cantato per te”

Emma Marrone, winner of the ninth edition of Amici, yesterday returned live with her tour at the Verona Arena and opened the concert with one dedicated to Michele Merlo: “Many people are in my heart but tonight there is a particular person in my heart and it is to him that I dedicate all this concert, all your warmth and all your energy: come on Miky, come on”. Mrs. Katia Ferrari, the boy’s mother, immediately commented on Emma’s message: “I’m sure Miki heard you. Thank you.” Today, however, after the news of the 28-year-old’s death, the Salento artist has posted on Instagram a photo of her in the company of Michele. Beside, the following dedication: “Hi Michele. Last night I sang loud for you. This morning my heart broke into a thousand pieces. I have no words my friend. I kiss you on the forehead and always cracked corners of your mouth. Have a good trip Michi “.

Riki Marcuzzo: “I cry in double row like an idiot”

The edition in which Merlo had participated was won – in the ‘Canto’ section – by Riccardo Marcuzzo, in art Riki, who in recent days had spent words of comfort for his friend and school “rival”. Riki was also one of the first to want to express condolences for Merlo’s disappearance. In a story on instagram, in fact, the singer demonstrated the pain he is feeling: “Friends or rivals we shared an incredible year together. I’m double-parked like an idiot crying. Hello my friend,” he wrote. In recent days Riki had already talked about Merlo’s condition with a story on Instagram in which he wrote: “I have no words for what is happening to Mike. I feel anguished and helpless. Many times we get angry about useless things. I’m with you “.

Andreas Muller: “Custodisco ricordi molto belli”

“We were left with: ‘see you soon in Rome or Milan’. I believe that in the face of all this life is shit. “Today I can’t find a happy ending, a positive message or wish you a good trip. I really didn’t want to write anything because it’s not easy … So much strength for the family . I hug you Mike wherever you are “. So Andreas Muller, the dancer of ‘Amici’ winner of the edition in which Michele Merlo had also participated, recalled the late singer. Next to a selfie which portrays them together, taken in a moment of pause of the 2017 edition of the talent, Andreas wrote: “These days I was trying in every way to ignore the news. Not because I didn’t care, on the contrary, but because I didn’t want to believe it, I had also thought now rather I write, call … “” I opened the phone and stayed to think for long periods of those moments of our journey to Friends, strong, ambitious and full of dreams guys. Then the day resumed and then I went on as if nothing had happened with daily commitments and entertainment. Then I would pick up the phone again and would again refer to how many times we collided but also have fun. Seeing your photos everywhere these days has brought back many memories, it seems like yesterday that we spent the nights in the hotel… fighting over ca ** ate. Fortunately, I also have very beautiful memories “, he added.

Aka7even: “I will dedicate a song to him”

A message also arrives da Aka7even, also the face of Amici, but of the latest edition. “I have no words, goodbye Miki”, he wrote in Instagram Stories, also posting a moving tweet. Less than 24 hours earlier, Aka7even had posted a appeal to his fans, asking to pray for Michael, who was already in very serious condition. Luca Marzano explained how much he would have liked to collaborate with Merlo and announced the intention di dedicate one of his songs to him: “I will continue to sing for him, for his sensitivity, purity and sincerity. He would have loved to write Mi Misschi, and I would have loved to write a piece with him. I’ll write a piece for him. Have a good trip Miky, sing with me whenever you need it. See you later”.

X Factor per Michele Merlo (Twitter)Da Ermal Meta e X Factor

“Hi Michele”, the singer wrote simply Madame on Twitter. While, Ermal Meta he commented: “What an injustice to die like this.” IS Francesco Facchinetti: “Hi Michele”, then a recommendation: “Live life as if it were the last day”. In the Stories of Instagram, instead, the message of Antonio Lorenzon, Masterchef winner: “Hello my friend”. To give the last farewell to the 28 year old too camihawke, well-known creator who had collaborated with Michele for the realization of a video of 2018. In particular, they had worked together to create the video of ‘Spiegami’, a song by the singer-songwriter Federico Barone, which featured Michele and Camihawke. The young woman explained to her followers: “Hello everyone. Sorry but today I just can’t be there, my thoughts are elsewhere”. It was not lacking the X Factor tweet: “Hi Michele. Our strongest hug goes to your family and loved ones”.

The world of politics

Condolences also from the political world. “” The news of Michele Merlo’s death upsets us and leaves us speechless. All Brothers of Italy expresses its condolences and clings to the pain of the family, of our friends and of all those who knew him and loved him. My embrace and that of the whole community of Brothers of Italy to father Domenico and mother Katia in this difficult moment “, said the president of the Brothers of Italy Giorgia Meloni. Followed on Twitter by president of the Liguria Region Giovanni Toti: ” A hug to Michele’s family, in this moment of deep pain ”.

The condolences of the fans run on social networks

Not just friends and colleagues, too numerous Michele fans they wanted to remember him on social media. “Keep singing, wherever you are,” Chiara wrote on Twitter. Followed by Bi: ““He was beautiful and strong, as he always has been, hello Michi.” Many they do not rest and find explanations about what happened. “Life is unfair, we miss you,” tweeted Alessandra. And Chiara: “Hor a lump in the throat and wet eyes. it’s not about fans or artists, it’s about people. And he was 28, he fought between life and death. These things are not explained, they destabilize you and make you cry because it is not right. “Then, Mia: “The thing that scares me most is how life can literally change from one second to the next. We think we are immortal at times, we make plans but the truth is that we are not masters of anything as we think “. Clau:” Life is really unfair, at that age you should just chase your dreams … Fly as high as you can angel “and Ella:” “i wanted to hope until the end and yet life is sometimes cruel .. you were only 28 years old and many other adventures to live but today I unfortunately have to say goodbye and tell you that I will continue to sing your songs and I hope that you will sing them with me from up there. Hi Mikey. ”

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