after the wedding I ride a sidecar-

Luca Argentero and Cristina Marino got married: the wedding took place on Saturday 5 June in Citt della Pieve, in Umbria. The wedding was celebrated in the late afternoon, at 6 pm, by the mayor of the splendid town Fausto Risini in the council hall of the Municipality. Very few people present at the wedding: according to what has been leaked, in addition to the spouses, the witnesses and a small circle of family members. After the ceremony, the celebrations also involved the town (in their own way) as the two crossed the historic center twice by sidecar, he in the saddle and she beside him.

A simple ceremony

Argentero has chosen to post a video on Tik Tok in which he can be seen taking a fun ride in a sidecar. the groom opted for a blue suit while Marino, founder of Befancyfit and influencer, appears with gathered hair and a wedding dress with a lace bustier. The organization of the wedding was entrusted to the wedding planner Federica Ambrosini. The announcement of the marriage was given in March 2021: The ceremony will be simple said Marino, new mother of Luca Argentero’s firstborn, Nina Speranza. It will be a feast of love, very simple, continued Cristina who had also specified how the setting would be characterized by sobriety.

Cristina Marino and Luca Argentero in a sidecar after the ceremony
Wedding and set

The couple has always been very reserved about private life and in fact Marino had already added that not much would be shared on the wedding, just to maintain the confidentiality that has always distinguished them. Argentero, engaged on the set of “Doc in your hands, 2”, was recently the protagonist of the promotional video of Citt della Pieve: Argentero chose to live in Umbria, in a villa in Citt della Pieve where he spent, with his partner , the months of the lockdown during the Covid emergency.

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