Fulminant Leukemia: Symptoms and Causes – Chronicle

Fulminant Leukemia: Symptoms and Causes – Chronicle
Fulminant Leukemia: Symptoms and Causes – Chronicle

Bologna, 7 June 2021 – Le dead by Michele Merlo e Leonardo Monaco they shocked public opinion, not only for the young age of the victims but also for the times. These are tragedies that occurred in a few days triggered by the onset of a disease with a very sinister name: fulminant leukemia.

Focus What is fulminant leukemia: the expert answers

Thus, today many are asking: what are the symptoms and which ones cause? Questions answered by the Veronesi Foundation, an outpost in the fight against cancer. In fact, it is a tumor: “The most aggressive form of blood cancer”, which takes the name of leucemia promielocitica acuta. “The causes of death – we read on the website of the institution – are always the emoraggie“. Just as happened in the cases of the singer from Vicenza who died at the Maggiore hospital in Bologna and the sixteen year old from Forlì.

Symptoms of fulminant leukemia

But what are the alarm bells? The Veronesi Foundation cites Felicetto Ferrara, director of the complex operating unit of hematology of the Cardarelli hospital in Naples: “The appearance of cutaneous hemorrhages”. Blood coming out of the nose, gums; or the digestive system, the genitourinary system and the central nervous system may be involved. Symptoms that are almost always accompanied by fatigue and general malaise.

Fulminant Lucemia: the cause

“Patients with acute promyelocytic leukemia are carriers of one acquired translocation, therefore not present from birth, between chromosomes 15 and 17“, he claims Francesco Lo Coco, head of the integrated oncohematological diagnostics laboratory of the Tor Vergata polyclinic in Rome and the first signature of a research published in the ‘New England Journal of Medicine’. “What mechanism is at the basis of the alteration – we still read -, at the moment we do not know”.

Care: the time factor is fundamental

It is known, however, that fulminant lucemia “is also one of the cancers with the highest rate of healing (nine out of ten patients) “. The time factor becomes fundamental: the early diagnosis it means salvation.

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