Europeans, Spain in chaos after the positivity of Busquets. The vaccine case breaks out

Europeans, Spain in chaos after the positivity of Busquets. The vaccine case breaks out
Europeans, Spain in chaos after the positivity of Busquets. The vaccine case breaks out

Tomorrow’s friendly match against Lithuania in Madrid will be played by the Under 21 team. The preparation is upset, fears of a possible outbreak. Vaccinate all athletes for the Games, including footballers, but not those who will play the European Championship. Why?

Sergio Busquets is at his home in Barcelona. He went back there yesterday, in an ambulance. Six-hour drive from Las Rozas, a suburb of Madrid where the national team’s technical center is located. The captain of the Roja was found positive for Covid after the test carried out yesterday, the day of rest, and the alarm went off. Because Busquets spent the week with his teammates, he did two interviews, one on Wednesday and one on Saturday, and on Friday he played an hour against Portugal, which consequently went into alarm and hopes not to have infected.

the change

The first provision, in addition to the isolation of Busquets: the friendly scheduled for tomorrow in Madrid against Lithuania will be played by the Under 21 team, hastily recalled from the holidays after last Thursday’s elimination in the European category. The other players of Luis Enrique’s national team are all negative, but the incubation has different times and it is not yet possible to exclude new cases of positivity.

not vaccinated

In Italy, everyone is wondering why Spain’s players weren’t vaccinated. Here in Spain there is controversy on the subject: because the local football association had asked to have their players vaccinated, but the Ministry of Health said no, denying preferential treatment to the players, treatment however granted to athletes who go to the Olympics, including players. A somewhat surreal and potentially dangerous short-circuit, even if we must remember the case of Basque golfer Jon Rahm, vaccinated on June 1 and positive yesterday at Covid because evidently he had not yet developed all the necessary antibodies.

the wait

Now at the technical center of Las Rozas all plans have been blown: separate players and highly conditioned training sessions, exactly one week after the debut in the European Championship against Sweden. Luis Enrique had called 24 players, not 26, and can replace Busquets until Sunday. No decision has been made in this regard, but obviously the main fear is linked to the possible explosion of a cluster within the retreat. Today new tests for everyone, with the hope that they will continue to be negative. Preparation was however compromised.

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Europeans Spain chaos positivity Busquets vaccine case breaks

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