Gp Baku, Hamilton’s sensational mistake. Wrong the lever and deactivate the brakes behind, the reason for the withdrawal –

Gp Baku, Hamilton’s sensational mistake. Wrong the lever and deactivate the brakes behind, the reason for the withdrawal –
Gp Baku, Hamilton’s sensational mistake. Wrong the lever and deactivate the brakes behind, the reason for the withdrawal –

Only the traps around the castle were missing. Baku, wonderful invention of Bernie Ecclestone, offers at least two unreleased: the two-lap race, and the clamorous error of Lewis Hamilton who wasted the blow to return to the top of the World Championship. All the fault of a lever pushed by mistake.

Other than sprint race (that debut in a month at Silverstone and will decide the pole) F1 looked like the Indycar on Sunday. Repeated twists and turns in the Azerbaijani capital, ecstasy for the American masters. Amarezza Ferrari, yet another wasted opportunity: not to defend the pole – Leclerc, fourth, was naked on the straights – but for that unpredictable podium, where Sebastian Vettel (fantastic 2) is seen again, on which he does not get on.

Sergio Perez made an encore of Sakhir 2020, that too had been a crazy race. But now he drives Red Bull, the best car. The same one with which Max Verstappen would have won for a walk if on lap 46 the left rear tire hadn’t given way as he passed the finish straight at over 300 per hour. A tremendous bang, Max gets out in a rage and kicks the wheel. The same had happened to Stroll on the thirtieth step. Pirelli has started an analysis, the hypothesis that the punctures were caused by debris.

But the anger fades soon, the 0-0 with Hamilton is worth more than a win. After the accident the Dutchman was at -14 in the standings, he could never have imagined the sequel. That the race director, the Australian Michael Masi, decided to restart the show after making everyone go back to the pit lane to clean the asphalt: with a standing start and only 12 kilometers to go, in the pits the mechanics were ready to disembark.

Four minutes of tension and doors, during which the infallible went completely into the ball. Hamilton took second, could have electrocuted Perez, and instead parked on the escape route at the first corner. Beginner’s mistake: he touched the wrong buttons on the steering wheel, or rather a lever. By reactivating the brake magic, a function that heats the system during reconnaissance laps behind the safety car. When I left it was like being without brakes. really humiliating. With all the work the team had done, I am devastated. I had given my all and fought. He hadn’t taken any risks until then, he had been cautious, since Niki Lauda he has learned the art of being content. To bring home the maximum when in conditions of technical inferiority. As in 2018, always in Baku, when he found himself winning because bottas he had a laundry and the Ferraris had messed up. That race changed the outcome of the championship by giving oxygen to a Mercedes in apnea.

How much will this mistake weigh and how was it possible to commit it for one of your experiences? The steering wheel has a ton of functions, pilots use only a part of them and have a series of wild keys (called Markers) to remember the most difficult combinations. There lever on Mercedes n 44 it serves to divide the braking between the front and rear and triggers a mode that shifts the force of the system to the front. As per procedure after taking sides on the grid for the two-lap mini-GP the Magic had been shut down. When the traffic lights go out and Lewis joins Perez, he touches the lever again without realizing it as he changed gear: I only had the front brakes: between here and Monaco there were two very hard races. We will get out of it. But there is also another background: Lewis could have retired earlier. In the Pirelli checks a cut emerged on the left rear tire, evidently he had run out of account with luck.

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