the revelation – Libero Quotidiano

the revelation – Libero Quotidiano
the revelation – Libero Quotidiano

Belen spoke by phone with Chiara, the ex-girlfriend of Antonino Spinalbese, the father of the daughter who has just given birth from Argentina. The girl, who is 27 and works in a Brescia company, has loved the hair stylist for four years. An important story, with projects of life in common, which ended at the behest of Chiara, who no longer loved Antonino. The girl gave an interview to the weekly More in which he talked about the link with Antonino and about the phone call from Belen Rodriguez last summer.

The Argentine soubrette did not like Chiara’s outburst on Instagram, dating back to a year ago, and picked up the phone to clarify the situation. When Antonino Spinalbese began dating Belen Rodriguez Chiara was inundated with messages: many people were not yet aware of their breakup. “I wrote a message on social media in which I said: “I don’t feel inferior to anyone”. In the storm it was a way to defend myself, to say: I look forward. And what happened? Belen called me ”, reveals the girl.

“He invited me not to publicly express some of my thoughts that could have been misunderstood, but I found that call out of place and I said to Belen:” Excuse me, why are you calling me and not my ex if something doesn’t suit you? ” At that point we no longer heard from each other ”. Chiara said she was disappointed by her ex boyfriend’s behavior. Despite that call with Rodriguez, Chiara today does not regret her choice of love. She is more sure than ever that she no longer loves her ex and is happy that she has found her stability with Belen.

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revelation Libero Quotidiano

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