that’s when he takes the field. With you? He was a stranger – Time

that’s when he takes the field. With you? He was a stranger – Time
that’s when he takes the field. With you? He was a stranger – Time

It was an unknown, Giuseppe Conte, catapulted to Palazzo Chigi thanks to his “method”. To give the former premier today at the helm of the 5 Star Movement ungrateful it is Davide Casaleggio, who in a long interview with La Stampa after the agreement explains that “The MoVimento has decided to violate so many rules and principles of internal democracy and respect for the decisions of the members to make it impossible for us to continue a shared path “. “I am very relieved, I no longer have to assume or feel responsibility for other people’s decisions. It was necessary to separate the paths,” said the son of the co-founder of the Movement Gianroberto Casaleggio and president of the Rousseau association.

“The money as the delivery of the members were never the cause of the problem, but an effect. The problem was that the Movement did not intend to honor the commitments made by paying workers who had been waiting for months.” There are also personal jabs. “The model of the 5-star Movement has made it possible to obtain 33% of the country’s trust and has given the possibility to thousands of unknown citizens, like Giuseppe Conte himself, to play prestigious roles and unthinkable power”, reads the interview . “Probably what is no longer good today is that we want to give this possibility to well-defined people”, said Casaleggio, stating that what killed the Movement “was probably the fear of losing positions acquired”.

The proof lies in Conte’s silence on the bond and the two mandates. “The fact that in recent months there has not been a clear stance on the issue makes me think that it is an issue subject to negotiation for the economic support required. Obviously, when the principles of a community are subject to economic negotiation, the phase is Probably, as on many other recent issues, a clear and clear position will not be taken. It will be postponed to a possible vote and at that point, as has happened so many other times, either a decision will be made in a secret Roman room or will propose a question close to the candidacies “, hisses Casaleggio.

In the Movement, Casaleggio attacks, “the fear of people has been overcome. To be able to obtain everything one wants, one must be willing to lose everything one has. But when fear dominates, the goal becomes only to preserve what you have “. That is the armchair.

What would his father have said in the face of all this? “He probably would have been less patient than me and would have left much sooner,” says the co-founder lily. who dismisses Beppe Grillo with a hasty passage: “He is the guarantor with charges and honors”.

But in addition to the inevitable poisons around the corner there is political revenge. Because Davide Casaleggio and the Rousseau association are about to take the field, in November, after the local elections. To reveal it is a background of Qn that places Alessandro Di Battista and Nicola Morra among others in the “Cosa” grillina, in a sort of “multi-level party”. The idea is to present itself as a structured Movement after the administrative meetings when the 5-star Movement, is the “easy” bet of Casaleggio, will receive a historic blow at the polls.

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