Open day vaccines: where are the next. Because some regions have said no

Open day vaccines: where are the next. Because some regions have said no
Open day vaccines: where are the next. Because some regions have said no

Rome, 7 June 2021 – The open day gods Covid vaccines. Each Region studies “limited time” formulas in which even the youngest audience, especially in the territories where these personal data groups do not yet have the possibility of accessing the inoculation, can benefit from it. Here is who this weekend was full of appointments (complete with sold out come a Rieti) who will be next and who, on the other hand, does not join the initiative.

Covid vaccine: in Italy 600 thousand doses in one day. It is the record


The Asl Napoli 1 Center arrange a Pfizer open day, from Wednesday 9 June to Sunday 13, for citizens registered in AIRE, the Registry of Italians residing abroad, and that temporarily they are present in its area of ​​competence (municipalities of Naples, Capri and Anacapri).

This the vaccination calendar, in the hub of the maritime station at the Angioino pier, with free access without reservation on the platform. Wednesday 9 June, surnames from A to D; Thursday 10 June, surnames from E to L; Friday 11 June, from M to P; Saturday 12 June, surnames from Q to Z; Sunday 13 June, any letter. In all and five days operations will take place from hours 8 all 18. Access is free but registration with AIRE must be confirmed upon acceptance at the vaccination center. The regional platform will automatically verify through the tax code, but the operators – specifies the ASL – will not be able to intervene in any way if the registration does not appear in the system.

While, at the Naples maritime station you are holding the three days of vaccine open day with Pfizer: from 5 to 7 June, for citizens come on 60 to 79 years. It is good to clarify that the open day is open only to citizens residing in Naples. To book, just connect to the link and fill in the fields available. You will be asked for the tax code, the number of the health card, a mobile phone reference and e-mail of the vaccinated person. The vaccination center, as well as the day and time will be confirmed by SMS which assumes the value of a convocation and must be shown upon arrival at the center.

Back toopen day AstraZeneca/VaxZevria, but only for three days and only in evening band. It was decided there Sicily Region, which wanted to promote a new vaccine awareness initiative, giving users the opportunity to access without booking. The aim is above all to further accelerate the vaccination campaign of over 18. From the 6 to 8 June, from 19 to 24, all citizens from 18 years and those who want to immunize themselves from Coronavirus with the Anglo-Swedish serum VaxZevria, of the multinational AstraZeneca, will be able to do so in the vaccination hubs, including the Palermo Mediterranean Fair. For those who choose to go to the provincial hub, the indication is to enter from the entrance of piazza Generale Cascino and not from that of via Sadat. At the Fiera del Mediterraneo vaccines with VaxZevria, the new name of the AstraZeneca serum, will be performed in the open day without reservation only at the scheduled time – 19-24 – in hall 20A of the hub.

In Lazio will be different junior open day dedicated to kids among 12 and 16 years: the first is today, Sunday 6 June, in Rieti, with the first 120 doses of Pfizer. For this age group, an agreement has also been closed with the Fimp-Cipe pediatricians who will have the scientific support of the Bambino Gesù pediatric hospital. To book, you must contact the pediatrician of your choice or the general practitioner from whom the patient is assisted. The first vaccination was carried out at 9 o’clock. There were those who – for fear of not being able to get the number – reached the De Lellis provincial hospital yesterday evening. Membership has overtaken the initiatives and it was necessary to run for cover: “Given the great membership we have doubled the number of doses for today’s initiative. At the moment there are about 200 children who will be vaccinated. “To explain it Emma Giordani, responsible for the vaccination campaign for the ASL of Rieti that will postpone the closure to deal with all the extra administrations. While waiting to understand if and when the initiative will be replicated, we remind you that today, lMonday 7 June, at 00.00, reservations for anti Covid-19 vaccinations will start by age group 35-39 years.

The president of the Basilicata Region, Vito Bardi, announced that “by next Tuesday the students who are preparing to face the maturity will have open days available”To receive the single-dose vaccine. It is easy to predict that the requests will immediately be very numerous.

Instead the open day for anti Covid vaccinations for the students enrolled at the University of Teramo is scheduled for today, 7 June. A decision adopted by the ASL and the university in order to reach all students. The University has opened its own platform to which about 1,600 have already registered. They will be three open days: Monday 7 will be followed by Friday 18 and Thursday 24 June. In each of the first two days about 800 young people will be vaccinated, in the third eventual other members.

Today, Sunday 6 June, open day with the vaccine Janssen at Johnson & Johnson until doses are exhausted in the thirteen vaccination centers in the province of Foggia. It can be used by people aged at least 40 born before 31 December 1981, who already have a reservation and intend to anticipate or who have not yet joined the vaccination campaign.

In Tuscany open days continue (over 60), or the extraordinary openings of some hubs where you can show up spontaneously without having made a reservation.

Vaccini Toscana, from 7 June reservations for young people aged 16 to 29

The vaccination campaign ended yesterday, June 6, and began Friday, June 4, 2021 “last minute” al Valentino, a Torino. Queues starting at 8 in the morning and end of operations at 22 in the site where a part of the Valentino field hospital was converted and citizens over 30 have had access to the Johnson & Johnson vaccination. Giovanni La Valle, general manager of the City of Health, confirmed the great success of the initiative by announcing that this special initiative will be proposed again in the coming weekends always with the formula Friday, Saturday Sunday.

But not all Regions have welcomed this option: the Queens of Veneto will not make an open day for the administration of the AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines, to say (and reiterate) the governor Luca Zaia. The Northern League explained that he had asked Aifa a further expression regarding the possibility of using viral vector vaccines even on people under 60: “Without a clear indication from Aifa, which at the moment recommends its use only for the over 60s, we we do not take this responsibility and we do not let the citizens take it either with the release “.

Also slicer Letizia Moratti, vice president of Lombardy Region and Welfare Councilor who, in recent weeks, when asked about these possible options, clarified: “We do not need to hold ad hoc open days because the 2 June we open reservations for all over 16”.

Moratti: “Close to community immunity”

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