GP Azerbaijan – Ferrari, Leclerc: “I lost the first position for a branch” [Analisi Onboard]

Bitter epilogue of the Azerbaijan GP for Charles Leclerc, who starts from pole position and finishes fourth. In addition to the damage, the insult: the Monegasque had to give the leadership of the GP to Lewis Hamilton due to… a branch! Here is an onboard analysis to better understand the dynamics.

The Azerbaijan GP did not go as hoped for Charles Leclerc. The Monegasque, who started from pole position, finished fourth, just off the podium. From the very first laps the Ferrari driver found himself in trouble, pursued first by Hamilton and then by the Red Bulls of Verstappen and Perez.

After a few laps from the start of the Azerbaijan GP, ​​Leclerc could no longer do anything and had to hand over the leadership of the race to Hamilton. The reason, however, seems to have been not only the excellent pace of the Mercedes, but also a particular size on the track. In fact, Leclerc revealed that he had lost the command of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix to Lewis Hamilton after avoiding a branch of a tree on the track at Turn 15.

From the onboard of Leclerc you can see the branch:

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From Hamilton’s onboards it can be seen more clearly:

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And finally follows Verstappen, also forced to change his trajectory to avoid the branch:



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Leclerc’s words

“I was doing pretty well in the first laps”, Leclerc said. “Then there was something that I think wasn’t seen on TV. There was a part of a tree in the middle of turn 15, and I lost a lot of time there ”.

“I cut the track and I was a bit worried about gaining time on Lewis behind who hadn’t cut. So I slowed down and then he passed me. From then on it was quite difficult to recover, because I was behind Lewis without a good wake and struggled a lot. Then, as soon as I lost the DRS, Max overtook me ”.

“At that moment you enter a vicious circle that is very difficult to get out of, because I had cars around me that had a better pace than mine. I struggled a lot, then I regained some rhythm, but we decided to stop early to get on the hard tires ”.

“Let’s say that there was nothing unexpected in the first laps, because beyond the branch, we expected Mercedes and Red Bull to be stronger than us anyway.”

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