Cashback, the decisive rejection arrives: now users are shaking

Cashback, the decisive rejection arrives: a serious blow to all users who are now trembling waiting for the government to decide

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There are just over three weeks left until the decisive appointment for all those who have embraced the project of the state cashback and in recent months they have been busy to participate. An ordinary refund, given by the sum of the payment transactions carried out and in proportion. An extraordinary reimbursement, for those who will result in the positions that matter of the Super cashback. But then it will all be over.

Or rather, it is the real risk that the entire national cashback plan runs, which in theory will go on at least until June 2022 and then for another two semesters. In reality though the analysis made by the Court of Auditors it is as precise as it is merciless. As it is structured, the program today cannot work and risks not having adequate financial coverage from the state.

The Court of Auditors, having examined the data and the trend of the collection in the first four months of 2021, gave negative opinion speaking of strong criticalities and limitations. Difficulties which, if a profound reform were not to be implemented, risk burying the dreams of Italians even before they were born.

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Cashback, the decisive rejection arrives: everything there is to correct according to the Court of Auditors

The Court of Auditors in its ‘2021 Report on the coordination of public finance’ it points the finger at the benefits produced in the sectors concerned. But also on the impact of the emergence of revenues and fees that were previously hidden. In particular, there is no real distinction between the goods as well as the services that are the subject of the transactions and the subjects providing the service.

According to the Court, “a solution that privileges payments to medium-small operators by providing for a differentiated incentive. As for the minimum number of transactions required in the semester for the payment of the reimbursement, it appears to be small, weakening the interest in using electronic payment “.

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Also for the Super cashback, to avoid the abuses of the ‘crafty’ it would be more appropriate limit the number of operations which can be carried out with the same operator during the same day. And the final prize of 1500 euros to the first 100 thousand users by number of operations in the six months appears disproportionate.

All findings that the government will have to take into account not so much for the current repayments, now close, as for those of the second half of 2021. Because without the favorable opinion of the Court of Auditors, it is impossible to receive the money.

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